James Cameron Expects 'Avatar 2' To Be Out By 2014

James Cameron Expects 'Avatar 2' To Be Out By 2014

James Cameron has talked a little bit more about his planned sequel to the biggest movie of all time, 'Avatar'.

Due to the ridiculous success of James Cameron's 'Avatar', it is obvious that we will see some form of it again in cinemas someday. In this day in age, of course the biggest movie of all time will be milked to death.

Cameron discussed 'Avatar 2' with KTLA 5 Morning News and said he would need some time to do 'Avatar 2', which I respect. Honestly, many directors these days would just do 'Avatar 2' in a heartbeat because it would be a sure success.

Cameron told KTLA 5 Morning News: "Right now, the thinking is that two and three are going to be done together," he said. "They'll be released separately, probably a year apart or maybe even two, but they'll be done in a bunch. I'm mapping out the storyline right now."

This is good, by 2014 it will have been five years since 'Avatar' so it would make sense to make sure 'Avatar 3' is out by at least 2016 to avoid making audiences wait just as long.

'Avatar 2' may be titled 'Na'vi' and should be out by 2014.
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