James Holmes Murder trial updates!

James Holmes  Murder trial updates!

Since the Dark Knight Rises theater shooting, we haven't heard much about accused murderer James Holmes, however after extensive search on the net, I have discovered a few updates from the October 11th hearing.

James Holmes and his attorney went before a judge at an Aurora Colorado court house on October 11, 2012 after the defense attorney raised claims of the government violating a gag order placed by the judge. The first motion, claimed that a recent mug shot of Holmes (above) was released to the media by the Sheriff's Department.In a second motion, defense requested a hearing regarding media leaks due to a package containing a notebook sent from Holmes to his Therapist, being released to the media which contained writings and drawings of the theater shooting. Holmes attorneys have stated that they believe he is mentally ill but he has yet to enter a plea. According to abcnews.com.

Also according to ABC News, a mediator overseeing the $5 million in contributions has stated that the majority of the money will be split between the families of the murdered victims and those who sustained permanent injuries. The Mediator stated that those victims will receive about $200,000 each based upon current donations. The remainder will go to those who received physical injury based on the number of days they were hospitalized and that they want each victim to receive the money before Thanksgiving. Due to limited funds, money will not be given to victims who didn't stay overnight in the hospital or to people claiming mental trauma. You can read the full story and others at the address below.


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