JSTARK's top 5 films of 2012.

JSTARK's top 5 films of 2012.

"Be gentle. It's my first time."

First off, bear in mind that this is my first write up. I'd appreciate feedback as long as its productive.

Here are my Top 5 films of 2012.

[5] Dredd

Karl Urban's Dredd was much more enjoyable to me than Stallone's. It was a very simple story but it was never out to be more than what it was. Here's hoping we get to go back to Mega City 1 with Karl Urban as the Judge, Jury & Executioner.

[4] TASM

Although some of Peter's actions were questionable, there is no denying that Garfield was spot on as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. The Lizard has been my favourite Spidey villain since I was a kid so you could imagine how happy I was to see he would be the big bad. Rhys Ifans played a great Curt Connors and we got to see the Lizard with the lab coat on! (win)

[3] Skyfall

Daniel Craig is by far my favourite Bond. What I feel made this film special was that it was character driven. It didnt rely on fancy gadgets, cool cars and some bangable girls to keep you entertained although they were present. For me, it made up for the average Quantum of Solace and is up there with Casino Royale as my favourite Bond film.

[2] The Hobbit

Finally. Middle Earth is back and as always Jackson delivers. I am yet to see it in 48FPS but it was beautiful visually in the standard 3D. As it was with the LotR trilogy, the characters are the strongest point of the films and Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins was fantastic. Bring on Desolation of Smaug.


[1] The Avengers

Yeah....Wasn't exactly unexpected, was it? What is there to say about this film that hasn't already been said? The characters, story, action, comedy EVERYTHING was near perfect. There was so many "FUCK YES" moments. My personal favourite being in the battle of New York when Stark and Cap team up on the bridge. That move was straight out Ultimate Alliance 2 and it just happened to be my favourite of the game. Hiddleston as Loki was amazing as he was in Thor. He had the most epic dialogue and every scene he featured in was memorable. Phase two is going to be something special.

Thats it, folks. Thank you for reading and dont forget to comment with your personal top 5. Here's hoping 2013 will be just as memorable as 2012!
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