Justin Bieber talks... Superheroes?

Justin Bieber talks... Superheroes?

The multi-media teen sensation talks about who his favorite superhero is and which comic book character he'd love to play! The answers may surprise you!

Justin Bieber

While promoting his new documentary film "Never Say Never", Justin Bieber was asked by an interviewer from the website Bleeding Cool as to whether or not he'd like to pursue any more film opportunities. Sockingly, the young teen star turned the conversation to, yup, you guessed it: Superhero Movies!

"I'd love to do a comic book movie. There are so many out right now, and I think it would be super cool to be a part of that. Everyone says that I'm such a big pop culture icon, but I think superheros are really where it's at right now."

When asked who his favorite superhero was, the young singer again let out a surprising statement!

Oh my favorite definitely has to be Captain America. I know that sounds weird because I'm Canadian, but I actually love Captain America and everything he stands for.

As if that weren't enough of an eye opener, Justin even began to go in depth about why he loves the star spangled century of liberty!

"I also really relate to how he used to be this really puny guy, but at the same time ended up becoming this powerful cultural icon. It reminds me of how even though I'm young and small, I still hold alot of influence over alot of people and have to be a role model. Like, you see a small guy in the mirror, but everyone else sees this larger than life figure who has to be a hero to people all over the world. I think it's cool how, no matter how small you are or feel, you can still be a positive role model for everybody. I think everyone has a Captain America inside them."

The interviewer than went on to ask him who he'd like to play in a CBM, to which the young Mr. Bieber replied enthusiastically:

Robin "Oh Robin, definitely. I mean, first of all, you get to hang out with Batman and beat up bad guys, and then you get to ride around in the Batmobile. I'd love to see Batman's face when I play my jams in his car. I bet he'd be pretty embarrassed though and turn it off mad quick. But hey, I wouldn't mind because I'm riding in the Batmobile, so it's all good."


Wow! Who knew Justin knew his stuff! Well, as much as I like his attitude, I don't think he's quite ready to don any tights just yet, seeing as how he has little acting experience. But I greatly enjoyed listening to him say such cool things about Cap and Robin! What about you guys? What do you think?
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