Kat Dennings Wants To Be In The Hack/Slash Movie

Kat Dennings Wants To Be In The <em>Hack/Slash</em> Movie

The Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist actress has told MTV which comic book role she would most like to play...

Who doesn't like hot women? (well I can name a few but most of them don't visit this site). Who doesn't like hot women with psychotic tendencies? A lot of us but we will still go out and watch a movie if they are in them. Kat Dennings of Nick and Norah fame, if there is ever a comicbookmovie she wants to be in, that is Hack/Slash. So, studio companies what are you waiting for? Sign this girl and give us a Hack/Slash movie.

snippets from Splash Page reads:

"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" actress Kat Dennings isn't the first name you'd associate with comic book movies, but when we had the chance to sit down with her during the Toronto International Film Festival, she was quick to name-drop an adaptation she'd like to bring to the big screen.

In town to discuss her upcoming, pseudo-superhero movie "Defendor" with Woody Harrelson, Dennings called out action-horror series "Hack/Slash" when asked if there were any books she'd like to play a role in adapting.

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