Kick-Ass #8 Review

Kick-Ass #8 Review

The end is here....finally!

Possible Spoilers Included.

The long awaited final issue arrives after so many months and it is good. It has its share of problems but ultimately pulls through.

Kick Ass # 8 starts off pretty well. In the last issue the main characters, Hit Girl and Kick Ass made a vow to take revenge against the drug lord John Genovese, his son Chris (A.K.A The Red Mist), and their entire gang for the murder of Big Daddy (Hit Girl’s Father) and the electrocution of Kick Ass’s testicles. They certainly make good on that promise. From Blowtorches to handguns, our heroes take their revenge, and it gets bloody.

Fans of this comic series already know what kind of carnage to expect. The whole revenge plot is cool but ends way too quickly. Perhaps this was done to give more time explaining the aftermath of the whole incident, but in doing this; the revenge plot is sacrificed because it moves too quickly to be remembered or valued. I actually had to flip through the pages 2-3 times to know exactly who gets killed and when. This is the first half of the comic.

The second half of the comic is the inevitable “tying of the plot back together as it all comes full circle.” Dave Lizewski tries to return and fix things up in his normal life, but learns that some things just can’t be changed. And as for Mindy McCready, well you’ll have to read it for yourself.

This is the end of this particular volume but not of the story. A good, yet obvious ending leaves the door open for the next set of Kick-Ass issues, and if it's even half as good as the one just completed, we are in for another good time

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