Let's Boycott Non-Marvel Movies on Opening Weekend

Let's Boycott Non-Marvel Movies on Opening Weekend

...so the property rights will go back to Marvel. When a limb has gang green, it is cut off in order to save the rest of the body. Would this be any different?

Ok, hear me out. I have been a life long X-Men fan. I think they have the most compelling storys, the best characters and the best antagonists. I have posted many comments on how much i dislike all of the X movies that we have been given. an argument can be made for why the first two movies were good but really the only character they got right was Prof. X, let alone any semblence of story and a representation of their abilities. Im not going to harp on how much I hated those movies and all the things that are wrong with them. And Im going to say that I think the Wolverine will be a good movie. Im also going to say that Days of Futures Past may be a pretty good movie. So having said that........

There is a chance, and i think that it will happen, that the Fantastic Four, or some of their characters like the Silver Surfer, may appear in the Avengers movies. I really do think theres a chance. I also think that there is a chance that DoFP will acknowledge the Marvel Universe. But we will never, ever, get what it is that we truly want. Thats a fully connected Marvel Universe. We may get a nod here and a nod there, we may even get a cameo here and there because thats all that it takes for us, fans that have spent thousands of dollars, dedicated thousands of hours, suppported, loved and made EVERY BIT OF SUCCESSE that these movies have had possible, to be happy. I mean hell, we got excited over DOTS ON A MAP. Those dots, Atlantis, Wakanda, Etc, were put in there for us and only us. Why? Because we would obsess over it just like we do. And the truth is, we love it. Odins throne room, the Human Tourch at the Stark expo. Thats US. The ones that love and support these movies. Now, here is ware OUR POWER, our voice, comes into play.....

The internet is a powerful tool. Viral campains are fun. Discussion boards like this one, are fun. We get all excited and create buzz. We go into other chat rooms that may not be comic book movie oriented and create a buzz. Personaly Im a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I go on a few Eagles chat sites and we talk about everything. I can tell you with 100% surety that I influenced more then a few men there, that otherwise wouldent have watched a comicbook movie in the theater to go. I explained backstory, i pointed out easter eggs, story direction, all of it. Im sure Im not the only one. Many of us did and will continue to do that. Even if its unintentional. We are the ones that really create the buzz. We are the ones lined up 3 deep outside of the Dark Knight Rises and the avengers. Us. Were the ones that decide what movies appear worth the time and effort. Were the driving force, no question about it. You can say that Batman Begins succeeded without us, and that would be true, but Batman is an entirely different animal then any other CBM. With all of the influence we have, theres not a doubt in my mind that if we speak loud enough, strong enough, long enough, we can get the Avenger fighting along side the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer and the X-Men and Spider Man to defeat Thanos and Ultron and Apocolypse.

How do we do this? Boycott is to strong of a word. We dont have the discipline for that. We dont have the self control. Im going to encourage a boycott, im going to beg for the will for us as a community to boycott Days of Futures Past, the Wolverine, the Fantastic Four, and The Amazing Spiderman 2. We need to boycott these movies and force these studios to have no choice but to let the franchises go back to Marvel ware they belong.

NOW I KNOW WE CANT BOYCOTT THESE MOVIES. What we can do, what we MUST DO, is not go on OPENING WEEKEND. We can boycott ONE WEEKEND. Im calling on all Marvel fans, all DC fans, all COMIC BOOK FANS, to boycott any NON MARVEL MOVIE OPENING WEEKEND. Any movie that contains Marvel characters not made by Marvel studios needs to be boycotted opening weekend. Thats the only way. No matter what Latino Review says super bowl sunday. We need to BOYCOTT.
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