Mark Millar Responds To Frank Miller's Anti Occupy Wall Street Rant

Mark Millar Responds To Frank Miller's Anti <i>Occupy Wall Street</i> Rant

Or more accurately, he responds to the response to it! On his blog the writer, who is worlds apart politically from his similarly sur-named colleague, says he disagree with Miller's views but is more shocked by the backlash to them..

If you haven't read Frank Miller's rant against the Occupy Wall Street protests you can do so HERE. It's admittedly pretty ridiculous. As far as I'm concerned he hamstrings any valid points he might wish to put across with what is verging on paranoid insanity. But that's just my opinion, obviously some agree with him, some don't. But in the "don't" camp there are those that have really hit back hard against Miller and even some who have called for boycotts of the writer's work etc. This doesn't sit to well with Mark Millar who posted the following to Millarworld..

It’s strange to watch your favourite writer getting strips torn off him for a couple of days.

Politically, I disagree with his analysis, but that’s besides the point. I wasn’t shocked by his comments because they’re no different from a lot of commentators I’ve seen discussing the subject. What shocked me was the vitriol against him, the big bucket of shit poured over the head by even fellow comic-book creators for saying what was on his mind.

Obviously, it’s within their rights to exercise the First Amendment as much as it was within Frank’s to make the original point. But there’s something so distasteful about that cyber-mob mentality that revolts me. It’s not just that I like the guy, that his body of work is among the best the industry has ever seen. It’s the GLEE I’m seeing from some people and, worse, the calls I’ve seen to boycott his work because his perspective on a point differs from yours and mine.

I’m reminded of the time, in the heated period leading up to the Gulf War, when over a thousand people signed a cyber-petition to have me fired from Marvel because I disagreed with the war in Iraq as a response to 9/11. Bill Jemas, quite bravely, bounced this back saying that one of the things he liked about America is that you can say what you like without fear that you’re going to lose your job. Liberalism doesn’t mean throwing guys in jail who DISAGREE with your liberalism. It means accepting that society is richer when everybody has a voice. Starting economic sanctions against a writer until they shut up and agree with you is horrific.

I dunno. I just hate a mob. I think it demeans us. I also hate a bandwagon and would urge my fellow left-wing readers to boycott Miller no less than HP Lovecraft, Steve Ditko, David Mamet or any other writer who might not share my personal philosophy, but who’s work I’m happy to have on my shelves.

While I agree with this for the most part, and certainly don't condone any boycotts of Miller's work, I think there is a bit more to be addressed and be annoyed about that just an anti OWS opinion. Like I said parts of Miller's rant are so hate filled and hyperbolic ("louts, thieves, rapists") and basically slanderous that it was always going to provoke some strong backlash. What do you guys think?


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