Mark Millar Teases The Production Of More Millarworld And Fox Comic Book Movies

Mark Millar Teases The Production Of More Millarworld And Fox Comic Book Movies

Mark Millar, comic book writer and 20th Century Fox's creative consultant for all of their upcoming releases, has revealed that four or five Millarworld adaptations will begin production next year and lets slip the fact that Fox have been talking with two directors for more Marvel movies.

In a Christmas message to users of his Millarworld Forums, Mark Millar has let slip some very interesting details about what we should expect when it comes to both the adaptations of his creator owned properties AND Fox's plans for more Marvel movies. The fact that The Secret Service is still being planned for a 2013 shoot doesn't necessarily take director Matthew Vaughn out of the running for Star Wars Episode VII as there's nothing to say he couldn't get to work on that immediately after. As for what the other movies Fox may be planning are, well, your guess is as good as mine at this point! Be sure to click on the link below to read the statement in full.

As you know, Hit-Girl and the Kick-Ass 2 graphic novel fuse together into the screenplay for Kick-Ass 2 (out next June) and Secret Service is already deep underway for a 2013 shoot. I thought we had THREE Millarworld movies shooting next year, but it's now four and possibly five, most of which will be released in 2014. That means a lot of hoofing around on sets next year, but the bulk of my upcoming output has been written in the past twelve months and everything is looking pretty sweet, schedule-wise. We're launching 4 new titles in 2013 plus Kick-Ass 3 and I hereby solemnly swear to give you all the details in a big New Year interview on CBR in January.

Of course, one of the biggest things to happen this year was the job at Fox, overseeing all the Marvel movies. Working with Mangold, Trank and Singer is very exciting, but we're already making plans for 2014 and beyond and there's two further directors we've been having discussions with in recent weeks too. Again, all this stuff will start to unfold very soon, but if you want to feel a bit jealous I'll just share that Jim's going to show me a cut of The Wolverine in January and Jeff will have the first cut of Kick-Ass 2 ready by february. Enormously, enormously exciting and as a Scotsman I will happily report that I see both movies for free.

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