Mark Millar's Superior Already Recieves Interest From Studios; Jon Hamm Wanted For Lead Role?

Mark Millar's <i>Superior</i> Already Recieves Interest From Studios; Jon Hamm Wanted For Lead Role?

The comic book writer has revealed that one director and one producer has already contacted him about adapting the new series to the big screen and they're both interested in hiring Jon Hamm as Superior...

Mad Men star Jon Hamm is a fan favourite for the role of Superman, but it seems like there's a lot more interest in him being hired as the latest creation from Mark Millar and Lenil Francis Yu! Here are some excerpts from what the creator had to say via his forum on Millarworld:

One director and one producer got in touch just a few hours after this hit the shelves today. I'd sent previews to several friends last month, but these guys only read the book today and called me one after the other when I was shopping in ASDA.

One of them I absolutely love and this is definitely in his comfort zone. The other was a curve-ball, a producer who has worked on lots of big family movies with the director he's proposing, but strangely has never done a superhero flick before.

Anyway, we're having talks again tomorrow and my agent said two other guys have set up calls for tomorrow evening to run through THEIR ideas on where the story goes (which is immediately putting me off them). But the guys I spoke to tonight were both great and I've sent them the scripts for the rest of the series.

Both guys had casting ideas already and suggested the same dude: Mister Jon Hamm from Mad Men, whom I absolutely love. This is by no means guaranteed casting, but interesting that they both suggested the same guy. Will keep you posted as events happen, but I think this could be an interesting week.

Pretty interesting stuff, huh? Nemesis was picked up by Fox as soon as the first issue hit stands so it's not in the least bit unlikley that the same thing will happen with Superior! Who would you like to see direct this movie? And is Jon Hamm a good choice to play the lead character? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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