Marvel and DC Art Done Lego Style

Marvel and DC Art Done Lego Style

Marvel and DC Art Done Lego Style

Brooklyn based artist Ulises Farinas does an interesting take with some of our favorite superheroes.

This is something that I stumbled upon and thought others would be intrigued in as well. Ulises Farinas is a cartoonist/illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. He has taken some of Marvel and DC's most recognizable characters and turned them into Lego characters.

This first one is from DC
"I started reading Blackest Night from DC in the past week, and so far, its been the only big giant crisis crossover event that hasn’t completely irritated me. Actually, i like it. So i decided to draw this. Hope you like it."
Ulises Farinas


The next drawing is an amalgam of Marvel characters

Lego my Marvel.

Lastly, I thought I would throw in this Star Trek rendition

Ulises has done work for the New York Times, INC. Magazine, Faesthetic Magazine, Threadless Select, and comics anthologies such as Popgun Vol. 2 & 3, Awesome 2 Anthology. He also draws MOTRO as part of the webcomix collective ACT-I-VATE.
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