Marvel May Release 3-4 Movies A Year - Could MS. MARVEL & PLANET HULK Be Among Them?

Marvel May Release 3-4 Movies A Year - Could MS. MARVEL & PLANET HULK Be Among Them?

Perhaps not totally unexpectedly, Marvel head Kevin Feige has confirmed that the studio could well double their movie output moving forward. Could we see that Planet Hulk flick after all? Badass Digest seem to think it could be on the cards..

Is there such a thing as too much Marvel? In an interview with Badass Digest, Kevin Feige has revealed that -- depending on how their movie slates hold up over the next few years -- we could eventually see the studio release as many as four CBMs annually.

"I think television is filling some of that now, in terms of bringing out more product. That’s certainly the idea with the Netflix shows. But I don’t know that we will necessarily say “Okay, we’re now moving strategically to three a year, now we’re moving to four a year.” What I think is more likely - if [knocks on wood-like table] the next group of movies work and people want to see additional stories - we’ll have too many franchises and you can’t do one of each franchise every two or three years. We’d have to move to three a year, but that would have to be a natural move if it were to occur. We’d have a [script] draft, we’d have a filmmaker, we’d have a character the audience wants to see - let’s slot in a place for a third one. Or a fourth one.

But it’s hard enough to deliver two quality, hopefully bar-raising movies a year."

Here's what we know is coming for certain: We have Guardians of the Galaxy in August, Avengers: Age of Ultron in May 2015, and Ant-Man in July 2015. Then in 2016 we'll have the Captain America threequel in May and a mystery film (very likely Doctor Strange) in July. What else could follow them? Well, this may just be total speculation but Badass Digest reckon that, despite reports to the contrary, the studio are very keen on getting a Ms. Marvel movie off the ground; and, they also mention that Planet Hulk movie that was rumored quite some time ago -- but seem to think that would actually be a Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel, which would see the space adventurers team up with the Green Goliath. As I said, they may just be taking an educated guess on all of that, but it certainly doesn't sound too unreasonable to me. Thoughts?
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