MARVEL Shooting New TV Series In Vancouver

MARVEL Shooting New TV Series In Vancouver

MARVEL Shooting New TV Series In Vancouver

A source close to production of a new ABC series has revealed that it's a Marvel series that is being produced under the tightest security. The series, possibly the long rumored Agent Carter series, is enroute for principal photography to begin by June 2014.

Insider sources have revealed to me that Marvel and ABC are preparing to continue their relationship that started with this years Agents of SHIELD, with an as-of-yet unannounced TV series that is set to begin filming very soon.

The series, which is working under the production title, 'That Old Chestnut' has been in pre-production in terms of having a script written, but for the past month or so, my source tells me that both ABC and Marvel are now beginning to hire crew members for the show and are hiring local talent in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Filming in Vancouver means that the show will utilize studio space as well as take advantage of Vancouver locales for location filming. The show will join the likes of Arrow, Smallville, and Fringe; shows that have also shot in the city. My source tells me that the reason for Vancouver is partially due to the province's tax incentives.

With the hiring of crew members, my source tells me that Marvel is trying to keep security extremely tight on the project, whilst also trying to keep a brisk pace. My source tells me that in his twenty years of experience, he hasn't seen this level of devotion to security. Meanwhile, Marvel is also trying to get the show into principal photography by June at the latest.

My source also revealed that Marvel and ABC is putting a lot of money into this series; mentioning that it far exceeds the standard budget for a regular television series.

No mention of plot details, but when I asked my source if this show was the long rumored and talked about Agent Carter series, I was met with 'Mum's the word'. Take that for what you will.

Rumors of ABC filming a series in Vancouver have been circulating locally for a while but with the show now being a Marvel series; it would seem that both Marvel and ABC have huge plans for the MCU on TV going forward.

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