Marvel's Taskmaster Has Wrangled Joe Carnahan.

Smoking Aces director Joe Carnahan proclaims his love of comic books by signing on to take Taskmaster on the big screen.

Earlier this month CHUD.COM picked up the story that Marvel's Supervillain Taskmaster will be getting a big screen adaptation thanks to Joe Carnahan.

Taskmaster got his start in The Avengers series and with his power of Photographic Reflexes he's a bad guy who works for the best price.

Carnahan states, "I've always been a latent comic nerd and this will represent my opening salvo into that world. I'm being given the opportunity to literally build this character's origin story as well so I'm looking forward to pushing it as much as possible."

The story point was described by Carnahan; "...will commence with the events following Taskmaster's severe beat down at the hands of Moon Knight."
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