Mathew Fox On CBMs, Thinks They Will Be "Exhausted Pretty Soon"

Mathew Fox On CBMs, Thinks They Will Be "Exhausted Pretty Soon"

The Lost actor has been fan-cast for many comic book movie roles for a while now, but does he have any interest in the genre? In an interview with Collider he discusses this, as well as what he thinks the future holds for our beloved CBMs..

Mathew Fox played the lead role of Jack in Lost for many years, and found a large fan following. His looks, height, and acting skills seem to have endeared him to many CBM fans, and he has been brought up frequently by many fans when quite a few roles (Daredevil, Flash for example) have been discussed. But does Fox see himself in a CBM role someday? While speaking to him about some his upcoming movies like Emperor, World War Z and Alex Cross, Collider mention how popular the genre is right now with the likes of The Avengers and TDKR, and if he can think of any characters he may have some interest in..

FOX: Off the top of my head I can’t – you know the truth is that stuff’s going to be exhausted pretty soon, because they’ve been churning them out man.

COLLIDER: I said that a few years ago, but this year is the biggest it’s ever been.

FOX: I know, and so once they’ve established all those franchises they’ll just keep doing more, more Avengers and more Iron Man’s and so on and so forth. But as far as like original material that is part of our comic book history, they don’t have a lot of stuff left. But I would be – I’m a huge comic fan, I love graphic art and I just love, you know I love that kind of thing so I mean, you know if it was the right thing I’d jump all over it, I think it would be really fun. And if it was something that my eleven year-old boy was fired up about then it would make it even doubly fun, you know?

Fox's opinion on CBMs is one shared by quite a few people in the industry, but honestly, as long as we always have 2 or 3 movies on the horizon, I don't think anyone needs to worry. As for whether he would be interested in playing a superhero, sounds like he might have back-tracked a little at the end there for whatever reason, so who knows! Which characters - if any - do you guys think Fox would be well suited for? Be sure to click the link below to check out the full interview.

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