Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: A look back

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: A look back

20 years later... and its still my favorite TV show of all time

During my childhood I've watched many different shows, most of which I own on DVD in the present and while I admire them all my favorite has to be: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. There hasn't been a single show back in the day that has had such an impact on my life as much as MMPR and there never will be. MMPR was just a minor symbol that the 90's were/are the best. I remember as a little dude I sat on the couch in the living room, I think I had Power Ranger pajamas back then but I can't remember, watching the coolest Tv show of that era. Back then Jason, the Red Ranger was my favorite. Kimberly... I had the biggest crush on her and she's still sexy. Quite frankly I loved all the Rangers. Compared to some of the other shows that were out there at the time, Power Rangers I feel brought something different to the mix. When I heard that MMPR was coming on DVD this past summer, I don't think i've ever been more excited to receive a package in the mail.

I popped in the DVD with surround sound of course and was instantly transported through time back to the core of my childhood. FIrst off I was and still am impressed with how sharp the picture and sound are on the HD Dvd, considering how it used to look. To this day I still get a little excited when I see Kimberly on screen. OMG. After watching a few episodes I noticed how repetitive the "formula" was for the first several episodes. It was almost the same thing over and over again. Fortunately that wasn't always the case. Power Rangers was only going to get better.

Enter Tommy Oliver a. k. a The Green Ranger: I had almost forgotten about Tommy and how awesome he was/is and how he basically stole the spotlight. Here was a dude that just had bad ass written all over him. That used to belong to Jason and while Jason is still awesome, Tommy was probably exactly what this show needed, if anything to increase ratings. It was a genius move for what was already an amazing "kids" Tv show. Tommy single handedly beat the crap out of Putties without any powers or weapons, destroyed the Command Center, deactivated Alpha and then beat the living snot out of all five Power Rangers. Wow. My jaw still drops when I watch.

"You're finished!" Green Ranger. Ironically when he said that I believed it. Unlike Rita he actually proved to be a real threat to the Rangers. And it only got better. He got his own Zord, which unlike the other Rangers he controlled with his Dragon Dagger, which doubled as a flute, and we all know that when he started to play that flute we knew it was about to go down. Looking back I can see how and why Tommy became such a popular character.

A major turning point for the series was when Rita found a way to drain the powers of the Green Ranger. And for a while Tommy was weaker as the Green Ranger and still he proved that he could handle his own which is more than what I can say for the other Rangers sometimes. One thing that annoyed me was when Tommy turned good he became an "extra" Ranger. They only called upon him when they needed help cause somehow five rangers isn't enough to fight a giant monster, especially when they've been fighting giant monster since before Tommy appeared.

Green With Evil Part One proved that Tommy was more powerful than all five rangers. In my opinion he should've been asking them for assistance. Tommy is the coolest Ranger, that goes without saying of course. I could go on and on. Things went downhill for the Power Rangers in season two when Jason, Trini and Zack left. Replaced by three new Rangers. I hated when they left the show. And of course the movie came in '95. The movie gave us something different, particularly a villain other than Rita and Zedd for the Rangers to fight. By then Tommy was the White Ranger. Should've stayed Green. In my opinion the movie would've been even better if the Original cast was present, but it was still awesome. In conclusion: Mighty Morphin' was and will always be the best. Anything after the originals was crap.
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