Misfits TV Series Pictures and Info and Much More!

<i>Misfits</I> TV Series Pictures and Info and Much More!

Misfits (cross between New Mutants/Runaways/Gen 13 and more) is a British dark comedy superhero drama show that is about a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service programme, where after a strange electrical storm, they attain preternatural superpowers...

Misfits is a superb show that comes from the UK and many at CBM.com many not know about it.

From the first episode of season 1 (which first started broadcasting on 12 Nov 2009 on UK satellite channel E4), the Misfits kill their psychotic probation worker, Tony, after the storm turns him crazy and he tries to kill them. The main plot of the first series is the five trying to stop anyone else finding out about what they did. Tony's replacement, Sally, is revealed to be Tony's fiancee, and she suspects that the gang knows more than they are actually saying.

Also other sub-plots of the show involve Nathan being made homeless after his mom kicks him out, Alisha and Curtis becoming involved in a relationship, Curtis accidentally changing time so he never split up from his girlfriend and Simon's sense of loneliness and isolation. Additional plots also, only last for one episode.


Antonia Thomas as Alisha (Can send people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin)

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Curtis (Rewinds time when experiencing an immense sense of regret)

Lauren Socha as Kelly (Gains the ability to read the thoughts of others)

Iwan Rheon as Simon (Who can become invisible)

Robert Sheehan as Nathan (Seemingly left unaffected and power revealed last episode of series one)

The second season of Misfits has started airing on channel E4 (UK/Ireland and the rest of Europe) and on terrestrial TV channel, Channel 4 later on next year. No news as yet when broadcast in US and other countries.

Promo picture of the Superhoodie in season 2:

The superhero show won the 2010 BAFTA Television Award for Best Drama Series.

LEEE777 - You can also get the first season on DVD from Amazon. I've not yet had the chance to see the second series but the first was amazing. The link to the official Misfits site is on the link below, as always thoughts/comments.

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