Moon Knight TV series

Moon Knight TV series

Moon Knight TV series

Marvel has announced a deal with No Equal Entertainment to create Marvel’s character Moon Knight as a television series.

Moon Knight is a semi succussful vigilante/Super-hero comic book series. Marvel has announced a deal with No Equal Entertainment to make Moon Knight into a TV series. No air date has been reveled

For those of you who don't know who Moon Knight (Mark Spector)is he's a vigilante dressed in a all white costume (see picture)who was given a second chance for life by the egyptian god Khonshu. In return he is to become Khonshus avatar on earth. Spector then decided to become Moon Knight and fight crime. He has multiple secret identities including rich entrepreneur Steven Grant, using this identity to purchase a spacious estate and a taxicab driver Jake Lockley, which he uses to stay in contact with common people.

I think the show it's self should be something like a action/mystery type thing, where you hear his thoughts (like a naration) as he patrols, during fights and other scenes. It definatly needs to be dark but not so much that the character is unlikeable. Moon Knight also needs to fight villians from the comics and not just normal people all the time. For example the Hulk tv series has a great tv show but he almost always went up against just normal people, and the same with Lois and Clark as well.

No it needs to be done like Smallville (with less drama and not make it about when he was young) where he fights people that can actually fight on his level and I also like how other heroes have made appearances on that show.
Now obviously they can alter the costumes (just the villians)a little bit I'm ok with that because they just don't look as good in live action.

With a good Director and cast this show could actually be good

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