More Supernatural Spoilers (Updated)

More Supernatural Spoilers (Updated)

More <em>Supernatural</em> Spoilers (Updated)

Here's some updates on Supernatural. Only 15 more days ^_^

- Sam and Dean switch bodies with each other and a couple other characters. Source: The Ausiello Files
- The CW's Supernatural has invited Cupid to come visit the Winchester brothers for Valentine's Day. The show is currently casting the little winged cherub for a February episode titled, (what else?) "My Bloody Valentine." The mythical character is described as being "doughy, out of shape and naked" and greets everyone with enormous bear hugs. [...] The episode will also feature one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a withered and nasty old character named Famine. Source: Keck's Exclusives
- Supernatural will celebrate its milestone 100th episode this spring with an hour that focuses largely on Dean (Jensen Ackles). "We're aiming for it to be a big mythology episode," reveals Supernatural boss Eric Kripke, adding that, "The Archangel Michael plays a very large part as we explore his relationship with Dean." Source: The Ausiello Files
- There is an episode coming next year in which Anna returns and wants to kill Sam, so he doesn't say yes to Lucifer. She travels back in time to kill Mary and John Winchester, so Dean and Sam go back in time to try and stop her. So does that mean we'll see Jeffrey Dean Morgan again? Sadly, no, as it will be "young John" and "young Mary." Source: Kristin on E!Online
Source: Spoiler Fix

UPDATE! Got any Supernatural scoopage? We’re dying out here! —Kristen
Ausiello: That’s just the segue I was looking for! An upcoming episode will be set in heaven — after Sam and Dean have been murdered!

As mentioned previously, Supernatural is doing a twist on post-modern zombies. Additionally, reveals that "Sam and Dean find a town where everyone's loved ones come back to life as zombies but they're nice, friendly, non-brain-eating zombies...oh, and one of them is Bobby's dead wife."
Prophet Chuck is set to return though Supernatural-fangirl girlfriend Becky is not likely to tag along.

Chad Lindberg will reprise his role as Ash.
Sam will use his powers again before Supernatural wraps up its fifth season, and as expected, Dean won't be pleased about it.

Supernatural will celebrate its milestone 100th episode with an hour that focuses largely on Dean (Jensen Ackles), according to Entertainment Weekly.
According to, Sam and Dean are going to die--- and will go to heaven. That means viewers will also get a peek at what heaven looks like in Supernatural lore.

Also here is a link to an Interview with our hopefully future Question/Daredevil where he talks about a future episode. Also interviewed is Julie McNiven who plays Anna.
Here's a small portion of the interview:
"The episode, titled "Back to the Future II," actually features a rather more 'Terminator' plot line than anything involving Doc Brown. Julie McNiven's rogue angel Anna reportedly makes a reappearance and, blaming Sam (Jared Padalecki) for jump starting the apocalypse, travels back in time in an attempt to kill the young John and Mary Winchester (the roles being reprised, we assume, by Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen rather than Samantha Smith and the delicious Jeffrey Dean Morgan) before they can spawn poor, oblivious baby Sammy. Naturally, grown up Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) aren't too crazy about the idea of being wiped out of existence before they're even born, so they take a ride back to the past with Castiel to stop Anna from doing the deed. The time-travel apparently results in some killer nosebleeds and fainting spells for both our halo-wearers, but that's another issue entirely - Collins even teases that Castiel "barely makes it" out of the episode alive; could it have something to do with his going "head-to-head" with McNiven's Anna?"
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