MrBlackjack's 5 Keys To Being Classy On ComicBookMovie.Com

MrBlackjack's 5 Keys To Being Classy On ComicBookMovie.Com

I'm back ComicBookMovie, and this time I'm here to teach this site a little thing called class. Following my five simple steps will create slathers of new opportunities for yourself, as well as earning yourself some respect in the process.

CLASSY: class·y [klas-ee, klah-see] adjective, class·i·er, class·i·est. Informal. of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant.

Good morrow fellow users of As most you of you know, ComicBookMovie is my home, and I feel it's my duty to continuously help our community of sorts. With that being said, I've noticed that here at ComicBookMovie, many users have become sloppy. The public image of this site has taken a dip recently, and frankly we shouldn't allow this. This site is in need of some considerable help right now, and that's exactly what this editorial is all about. If you follow my 5 basic steps, you can be classy too.

Have Pride and Confidence
This is a characteristic I find very important in an individual. Being confident helps retain one's aggression and prevents them from making thoughtless decisions. It's ever so important that one must feel confident in what they preach at all times. If you don't have the guts to stand firmly behind what you're saying, then how do you expect others to believe what you? If you truly believe in what you're saying and the point you're trying to make, then so should your peers.

Find the Right Username and Avatar
Usernames can quite easily give off a positive or negative first impression. Typically, one will find a user with a name that's originally and clean respectable at first glance more so than one that's unoriginal, dull, and cluttered. Simplistic, catchy, and memorable is what you should strive for when developing your username. It is also advisable that you avoid putting numbers in your name if you want maximum class. Now, that doesn't mean that all username that feature numbers are poor, not at all, one should just tread lightly when using numbers frequently in their username as it is easy to overflow your name with said numbers. So sorry usernames like "PussyKing6969", that just doesn't quite cut it. And just as how finding the correct username is important, finding the correct avatar is even more important. Pixilated, lanky, and or blurred avatars are atrocious. The best advice one can give to those in need of a new avatar is to make sure sure it is properly sized (use 70x70 for the best fit and clarity). To any interested in using a .gif, I advise using

Grow a Pair of Cojones
Classy men don't run away and cry, they stand up for themselves and they fight back! Now, this doesn't give you a free pass to randomly call users vulgar names, but it's meant as encouragement to stand up for your beliefs and and create a presence for yourself. Name calling shouldn't be your weapon of choice either; stick with witty comebacks and logic filled statements to combat your enemies! With all this being said, it's also worth mentioning that one shouldn't be easily offended by other's opinions. Learn to keep your cool and accept others opinions. It takes a man to irrationally call someone a pussy, but it takes a real man to understand when it is and isn't appropriate to call someone a pussy. Having cojones means knowing when and where to argue, while also keeping your cool and not "flipping a tit". 

Start Using Classy .gifs
This one is fairly straight forward. Below are some prime examples of classy .gifs.

Think Prior to Commenting
Unfortunately, this is the point where most users struggle. Before you post that comment, make sure you have proper sentence fluency, proper grammar, and an actual reason for commenting. Try to avoid any redundancy in your comments. And as well as that, make sure you actually have a fundamentally sound argument or logical statement that your are arguing for before you post. Frequently, nonsensical comments are scattered throughout this site, and I for one believe it's time we get them out of here. It is infuriating to see such illogical comments flooding the site day in and day out. Not to mention it distracts from your argument or case.
If you follow each of these five steps with care and precision, you too could become a classy, adequate, and possibly even egotistical user of ComicBookMovie.

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