My Thoughts on Upcoming CBMs

My Thoughts on Upcoming CBMs

Frogman shares his thoughts on upcoming CBMs.

Basically I just wanted to share my thoughts about upcoming films and confront some of the comments I've read about them. (I may add pictures and more films later)

Man of Steel
I’ll start with Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot due to the recent casting announcement of Laurence Fishburne portraying Perry White. Firstly I would like to address the comments saying “he has only been cast to add diversity to the film.” I think this is incorrect, I don’t believe Snyder cast Fishburne purely because he is African-american, he wouldn’t sit there and say “we need some diversity, so although these white guys are good lets cast an African-american Perry.” Its down to acting ability and performance, if Fishburne plays an amazing Perry then what’s wrong with him being cast? I understand the wish to be faithful to the source but Michael Clarke Duncan and Idris Elba have both portrayed white characters and both did amazingly well in their roles as Kingpin and Heimdall. Fishburne is a kick-ass actor and I think he will do a great job in the role.

Personally I see a great, strong, cast building, Snyder directing, Nolan producing. Its all saying "thumbs up" in my books. Not everyone will agree because of the "remake of Superman II" which it really will not be. So Zod is in it? big deal, we could get a better portrayal of Zod that is less camp than Stamp's 80s Zod, that in my books is a good thing.

Now we've seen the new Superman costume and I think it looks brilliant, comparing it to Brandon Routh's it looks a lot more "real" like an actual costume that someone would wear. I'm not sure how to describe it but Cavill's looks a lot more realistic and this only adds to my excitement and support for the film.

The Dark Knight Rises
Yes I'm a fan of Nolan. I've enjoyed every film of his that I've seen. I have faith in his directing ability and the cast he has assembled to create something amazing. I've not seen Anne Hathaway in any fiesty roles but I'll reserve judgement until we at the very least see her in costume, if not until I see the film. Tom Hardy's Bane look is certainly... different... not so wrestler as it is military(?) but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, at least he will be redeemed after the atrocity that Schumaker gave us.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
So this is out first out of all the major CBMs in 2012 and we have seen... 3 images. I didn't hate the first although its not the best and Nic Cage doesn't bother me but I'd like to see a lot more before I begin to make a decision about this film. From the 3 images we have got it looks a lot darker and grittier which is something that Ghost Rider seriously needs which is probably why the first wasn't very good.

The Amazing Spider-Man
When I heard they were rebooting rather than continuing I was pissed off to say the least. Then they announced that Andrew Garfield would be Spider-Man and suddenly I wasn't so angry about the reboot because not only is Garfield an amazing actor in every role I have seen him in but he looks the part and since that point we've had great casting announced and everything I have seen has only added to my excitement for this film. Yes its only been 10 years since we saw his origin BUT that doesn't mean the story won't be bad, heck it may even be better than Raimi's films, which I loved but weren't without their flaws.

The Avengers
Well, needless to say I am quite excited about this film. I think the connected universe was a brilliant thought. However, I'm not a fan of recasting. They replaced Howard in Iron Man 2, but Cheadle rocked the role. But then they recast the lead of my 2nd favourite Marvel Movie, The Incredible Hulk. Yes "blah blah Norton's fault. blah blah Get over it. etc." I realise he isn't coming back AND Ruffalo may be very good in the role but I can't say that until I've seen the film, so that will have to wait. I'm excited to see the story and how that will lead into continuations of the individual stories. I'd also like to see some set ups to future Marvel films that hopefully won't take a back seat to the sequels!

Bash me all you like, these are just my opinions and thoughts, some people are bound to disagree with me but lets just agree to disagree, not squabble over our opinions.
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