My top 5 CBM's so far

My top 5 CBM's so far

My top three probably will never change.

Here they are my top 5 CBM’s

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

teenage mutant ninja turtles Pictures, Images and Photos

Of all the CBM’s this one will never change it’s spot. I remember my mom buying me the Pajama’s, and everyone coming to my ninja turtle birthday party at McDonalds. Those were the days. When I first watched the movie there was no doubt in my mind after that the Ninja Turtles were real. Everyone would be like it’s a movie it’s not real. I’d cry go to my room with my action figures, and be like how to they know. They never been in the sewers. Dude I was serious. Cowaaabungaaaaaahhh.

2. Tim Burton’s Batman

batman- micheal keaton Pictures, Images and Photos

After the Ninja Turtles phase I was onto more serious stuff. I needed a costume of my own. Seeing Batman in his cave kinda creeped me out as a kid, but I was still like if I ever want to be a superhero that’s how I’m gonna do it. Again I had my mom get me more action figures. My favorite part of the movie was always in the beginning when you see bats swooping down from the fog. The whole film was just awesome. Every scene grabbed you.

3. Donners Superman

Superman Christopher Reeve Pictures, Images and Photos

If there ever was a movie to give me goosebumps, and inspire me. Superman was it. To this day it still does. As soon as the music starts my heart starts to pump faster, and I get all excited. Dun..dah dun, dah dun,,dun dun dunnn..

4. The Dark Knight

b Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw this movie three times in the theatres. What more can I say? Every CBM now has to compete with storyline and imagery. I salute Nolan for finally raising the bar.

5. Sin City

sin city Pictures, Images and Photos

Frank Miller is a genius. With the colors of the film, and outstanding cast of characters. He took CBM to a place I thought never existed. Now sometimes all I can think about is which heroes would be great in a Frank Miller “Sin City” format.

Well there you have it folks.

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