My top five Superhero fights

These are my top favorite superhero fights.

Number 5
Blade Vs Nomak movie:blade 2

This fight was my favorite out of all the blade movie fights. I really enjoyed how they showed both characters extreme strength and raw physical power. The slow motion scenes were straight out of a marvel comic book, and it was good to see blade go toe toe in a pro longed fight. I think Blades super strength and martial arts prowess was well shown, especially with Nomak throwing Blade into numerous walls only to have blade to get up and reverse his strikes and eventually pull off the victory.

Number 4
The Punisher Vs Russian movie: The Punisher (2004)

I like this fight because it was a pretty good recreation of when they fought in Welcome Back Frank. The russian was an unstoppable juggernaught like in the comics and put a pretty good whipping on the Punisher. I like that they showed Frank had weapons all over the house like in the comics, and the finish was like a sigh of relief for me. I really fell like the Punisher was going to die even though i know its a Superhero movie. And the part where he stabs the Russian to no effect was priceless.

Number 3
Spiderman Vs Doc Ock (train) movie: Spiderman 2

This to me was a perfect translation from panel to screen. We got Spiderman and Doc Ock fighting through the city. Spiderman running on buildings and that scene where he recovered by sliding through the streets. Doc Ock and his tentacles did a convincing job of giving spidey a good run for his money. i really like how spiderman was agile swift, while Doc Ock was kinda clunky and violent. but one thing always gets me when I watch that fight. Was spidey pulling his punches? All his other villans had superstrengh except Ock. Why didnt ock drop with the first punch. He was an out of shape human. but otherwise this fight was perfect.

Number 2
Batman vs Ras al ghul (final fight) movie:Batman begins

The best Batman movie. and on the best Batman movie they had one of the best climatic battles ive ever seen in a movie. The student defeats his Master for the fate of Gotham. Even though Batman and Ras showcased excellent martial arts like their comicbook counter parts i always feel like Ras has the edge until batman reverse the the final hold and says "Always remember to watch your surroundings"
And even though Batman doesnt kill i felt that it was right to let him die for the sake of gotham.

Hulk vs The Abomination

The best Superhero fight of all time in my opinion. It is what ive always wanted to see in a Hulk movie. This fight is violent, gritty, scary, and a close one for the hulk who had a tough time taking him down. I liked that they had hulk use steel fist from the Ultimate destruction game, the had his Clap wave move, and the part when he screams hulk smash. I like the blur effects behind both of the monsters punches, and for some reason i was really brought into the movie world with this fight. It felt more like i was watching it in real time instead of watching a movie. I was dissapointed that Ang lees Hulk finale wasnt this intriguing. This movie and fight is what i felt ang lee's Hulk should have been.

well thats it. These arent the most popular of movie fights but they are my faves. id like to hear some of you guys favorite fights below. thanks.
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