National Association of Theatre Owners Want Movie Trailers Below 2 Minutes

It may be time to say goodbye to those 3 minute trailers or 4 minute previews for future CBM's as the National Association of Theatre Owners have sent recommendations calling for trailers to be under 2 minutes along with some more changes.

The National Association of Theatre Owners have sent out several recommendations for voluntary in-theater marketing guidelines. One of the several recommendations call for all trailers to be under 2 minutes in length. These trailers can only run for no more than 150 days before it’s released, and other in-theater marketing are limited to 120 days. Though there will be exceptions as each distributor will be allowed two exemptions a year from those guidelines.

Yet even these exceptions will have to be under three minutes. These new standards will also have distributors sit down to discuss terms for special content such as behind-the-scenes footage and extended looks. Also only trailers can only be shown with a movie if it is determined that there content is appropriate for the feature it is being shown with. Lastly trailers can not include third-party brands or endorsements, such as video games or TV shows, and can’t include anything that may as NATO says “encourage mobile phone use during the show.”

These standards would only apply to films being advertised after October 1st and any films advertising before then will be exempt.

So what do you guys think of this bit of news. Sound off below.
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