News Review!

News Review!

I wanted to contribute more to this site, but I'm always too slow to get the scoops! Instead, I'm reviewing some of the big news stories, looking at rumours and gauging responses. This week: TDKR, Green Lantern Trailer and Marvel TV Shows!

Hey you guys.

Well, I stalk this page 80% of my time spent awake and really want to contribute more. So, as I can never get scoops fast enough and I'm always too busy to post individual editorials on different topics, I thought I'd post a sort of 'review' of recent news, looking at announcements and rumours and giving my take on things.

I'm not entirely qualified to give an opinion: I don't regularly buy comic books and I can't afford to pay for Graphic Novels too often (I'm a university student living in my overdraft). However, I do have a passion for Comics Characters and CBMs, and I love everything about this site. My favourite Graphic Novel is Watchmen and my favourite CBM is Spiderman 2. Anyway, the news:

Theres been a fair bit of news on the next Batman Movie:

Tom Hardy Cast- No Riddler, rumours of Hugo Strange and Deacon Blackfire
2 Females being Cast, a love interest and a villain.

First, the ladies. In my opinion, the 3 most likely I can think of are Talia Al Ghul, Selina Kyle and Harley Quinn. Now I do not want Catwoman, I dont think a cat burglar fits the Nolanverse. However, I cannot see Harley Quinn being done without the Joker, and I'd rather not see such a soon recast of one of the best CBM performances ever. I'd suggest poison Ivy, but the lack of ginger actresses in contention for a role make me think it's unlikely. I know they can dye or use wigs, but surely Nolan would consider one natural redhead for the role?

Next, Hardy. I think he's a great actor and I don't think anybody's questioning his casting. His character, however, is something worth discussing.
In a way, I'm disappointed there won't be a riddler; I would rather see a villain that hasn't been done in a bat-movie before, but I would have loved to have seen Nolan's take on this guy!
I'm not sure if i read about a rumour on here or if it was just an editorial about the possibility of Deacon Blackfire, but I thought that could be a great villain. I don't think the idea of Gotham being isolated from the rest of the country is something Nolan would do, but certainly the idea of a new icon emerging with a following against the Batman at his lowest point is a great one.

Hugo Strange is also a great idea. I'd love to see Hush, but I don't think he would be the right villain to end this trilogy. What do you think? Surely Tom Hardy won't be the only male villain? Who do you want?

I liked it!

It wasn't perfect, but hell, it wasn't bad. It seems the main criticisms are:

Corny Dialogue
'Classic Reynolds'

Dialogue may have been a bit cheesy. The 'Pants off' line and the costume reveal at the end seem to be the two big complaints, which are fairly corny, BUT can we base the entire movie off this? Nawww, give it a chance. The bit with Hal and Abin didn't seem corny at all, I think that scene may be quite touching in the film.

'Classic Reynolds.' Ryan Reynolds is and probably always will be a very large point for argument amongst fanboys. Many of you don't like him for his representation of 'Baraka-Pool' In Borigins and his reputation for comedic roles. However, I think he is capable of serious roles (Definitely, Maybe - Not a serious movie but his character isn't exactly comical - shows he can play emotional!) and from the trailer i think they showed a fairly balanced portrayal of comical and serious Hal.

Thats another factor - Hal Jordan. Ive never really read GL but from what I gather he can be funny at times and has a bit of an attitude.I predict there there will be a large divide between fanboys when the film comes out between people thinking the character is more Hal Jordan or more 'Classic Reynolds'. I trust it will be more Hal, but we'll see.

Either way, the GL trailer was nothing compared to COWBOYS & ALIENS! That looks epic.

In the CGI department, i thought it was pretty great. Oa looks awesome. I think the suit looks better than most expected, but maybe a few tweaks are necessary. I think the colour is a bit minty? Could just be me. But mostly, I couldn't fault the effects.

Hulk? Again? Really?

I love the Hulk, but i just think he's been done! I did love the new movie, but i think the fact it wasn't as successful as Marvel may have hoped have led them to this strategy:

Hulk has been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), so they can't just pretend that massive green beast is hiding and stop making movies. Instead, they can continue the MCU in TV Shows, and put Hulk there where they don't have to spend as much on him and it's success/failure isn't as detrimental to the company.

Personally, I'd love to see an X-Men or Daredevil TV show, but as those properties aren't Marvel I guess we'll have a long wait to see that. I think TV shows would be a great way to predict characters' popularity on film, and could use them for that purpose:

ANT MAN: The aventures of Hank Pym. Yeah? I doubt he'll be in Avengers, so it'll be a great way to introduce him to the MCU. Big SHIELD storyline, A few Cameos from Fury and maybe Cap or Stark. If it's a hit, throw Pym into Avengers 2!

Luke Cage would also be a great way to introduce that character and his associates. Maybe lead on to a Heroes For Hire movie?

RUNAWAYS. This is the one i think is the most eligible. It's adult AND child friendly, has a very unique concept and the stories are great fun. I think this would be better as a tv show because of the rolling cast, kids keep coming in and out. And with like the book where they go back in time? that would make an awesome story arc mid season or something. This could also have crossovers with the MCU without being so connected. I think this could be a great moneymaker for Marvel.

Another possibility is TALES OF THE WATCHER: A series of one-off episodes that focus on more obscure characters through the medium of The Watcher.
What shows would you like to see? Should Ruffalo continue his new role on the small screen?

This is my first article of this type. If you like it, I'll try and make it a regular thing.

So any criticisms or comments are more than welcome, let me know what you think!
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