NEWS: The New Pope Tweets About BATMAN! Is He a Fellow Nerd?

NEWS: The New Pope Tweets About BATMAN! Is He a Fellow Nerd?

POPE FRANCIS I is wasting no time with handling his new responsibilities. He has taken to Twitter to post about none other than BATMAN himself! What was his opinion in the caped crusader?

So this is totally irrelevant news, but interesting (and funny) nonetheless!

Pope Francis I has been viewed as controversial by some but has generally been accepted as a pretty mainstream, if somewhat conservative choice. But has anyone been wondering what his opinions are on the dark knight? Check it out!

Well, he doesn't like his "new, darker" direction. Enjoy a couple of quotes from the article posted on the Vatican's official website...

Regarding his "new" tone, they say "In 2012, internationally famed writer Geoff Johns updated the superhero's origins in "Batman: Earth One." His Bruce Wayne was angrier and more vengeful than ever." Why can't Bruce just get over his parents' murder already? The Vatican also digs at our beloved Alfred, saying, "As for Alfred the butler, he had morphed from the polite, Jeeves-like figure fans loved into an ex-Marine more familiar with guns than place settings." Even though this is 2013, butlers should know their place!

Although I seriously doubt the Pope had anything to do with this, surely there is a better, more productive way for the Vatican to spend their time?

For the full (asinine) article, read the full story here!

...Or you can check out this funny video of the previous Pope trying to send his first tweet! Thumbs up please!
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