NYCC'11: Frank Miller Confirms Plans For New Sin City Comic Books!

NYCC'11: Frank Miller Confirms Plans For New <em>Sin City</em> Comic Books!

Frank Miller answered fans questions and confirmed that there are plans for new Sin City comic books during the Legendary Comics panel at New York Comic Con.

Yesterday afternoon, New York Comic Con had a panel for Legendary Comics, which made their first appearance ever at the event. The panel was hosted by Chris Hardwick, and it included Bob Schreck, the editor-in-chief of Legendary Comics and fan favorite writers Frank Miller, Paul Pope and Matt Wagner.

The audience then got their chance to ask a few questions about the comics on the panel, and one of the responses was Miller's confirmation of new Sin City Comic Books:

"There will be Sin City stories and I have every intention of doing them with Dark Horse."

Could this surprising development mean these new comics may tie in with the (supposedly) upcoming Sin City 2?


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