PASTO’S CBM CHAT PARTY: The Untimely Aftermath

PASTO’S CBM CHAT PARTY: The Untimely Aftermath

Fellow CBM User Pasto recently held a wild party in our beloved CBM Chat Room. Eventually like most parties it came to a close, an aftermath. This is an interview with Pasto about one of the biggest parties to ever happen right here on CBM. Hit the jump fellow readers!

Hello, you may all know me as Jacky Timish. There are times when I make articles just because, but this is not one of the times. Pasto, has recently asked me to personally interview him one on one about one of the biggest events to ever come on CBM, a party he held within the chat. There is proof, and there is facts. This is the demise of Pasto, as the party came to a sudden aftermath.





(QST) So Pasto you held one hell of a party today. How did it go?

(ANS) - It was terrible. I invited 24 people and only 2 of the 24 showed up.

(QST) What do you think the cause was of this terrible party?

(ANS) - I think trying to hold a gathering of people over the internet holds a stigma of depression and sadness. And the people invited probably thought they were too cool to even show up. So they can rot in hell for that.

(QST) Did anyone get drunk? Were any drugs involved to try and liven the party up?

(ANS) - Ok, use what I said about the food. But no, no drug or alcohol were consumed.

(QST) What do you think you would do to improve the next party if there will be another one?

(ANS) - These parties, not 'hess' parties. And talk not 'tai'.

(QST) Thank you for this lovely interview, now do you have any other words for your kind readers?

(ANS) - Oh....yes... Sure it sounds weird to say 'Party in a chat room on a website meant for comic book movies'. I get that, personally when I say that, it makes me want to push myself off the highest building in the world. BUT, I mean this so the users on this site can come together and bond as a 'Community'. But no, these bastards act like this. And I get it, you've got a life, but part of having a life involves having fun. Sure, some forms of fun may make you scratch your head. But if it's not wrong, and someone invites you to partake, (censored) partake. But hey, that's just me. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But like I said, to quote Xzibit, "those people need to find the highest point in their house and jump off." That's all i have to say on the matter.

Pasto - "To the people who want to use the whole 'I have a life' bit, if you had a life you wouldn't be on this site as much as you are. Let that hot mess simmer for a bit."


This has been one of the most disturbing interviews I have ever conducted. I apologize for anyone that has read that feels highly offended. This is a matter upon people and civilization itself. How the world and life can often not be fair at all. Thank you for reading, and to end on a lighter note.

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