Podcast: Nerdsync

Podcast: Nerdsync

Sync up with the newest podcast for comic-book fans and nerds alike, brand new on iTunes

The first thing you should know is that Fartman, yours truly, is a starring member of the show. For the sake of privacy, I will not be revealing my name until it gains some popularity.

The first episode is about The Dark Knight Rises. The first episode is a little rough, but we are getting our bearings. If you follow our progress with us, then it will be much appreciated.

Nerdsync is going to be discussing something nerdy or comic-booky every episode. The link is here:

As a sidenote, Brendan and Bryce are guest-stars on the show. One of which is the one with the stutter, that which I apologize for in case you find him annoying. He's actually a pretty cool guy. We're all learning. He will be returning for our Doctor Who episode most likely. We haven't decided on a topic for next episode. Stay tuned!
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