POWER RANGERS: 20 Morphinominal Years - A Look Back Pt. 2

POWER RANGERS:  20 Morphinominal Years - A Look Back Pt. 2

20 years of Power Rangers, a look back at the Morphinominally popular super hero series which spawned toys, clothes, lunch boxes and comic books. The retrospective continues after the jump..

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit television screens across the country, there was something the separated it from everything else that was on tv. We were given a rare program that balanced great stories and action with lessons. The lessons didn't appear at the end of the broadcast like with He-Man and GI Joe, it appeared through out each and every episode. Eventually, the Power Rangers lost that after Andros destroyed Zordon's tube and the Z wave eliminated all evil in the universe during the final episode of Power Rangers in Space.

Prior to Lost Galaxy, the Power Rangers were about friendship, trust, kindness, physical/mental and spiritual health, and most of all it was about always being the bigger person. In the early days, the rangers rarely fought amongst themselves nor did they make fun of each other. In fact, this style of Power Ranger completely changed after Rangers in Space. Gone were the days of promoting the good nature of others and here to stay are the days of only kicking monster butt. In the early days, we received something special something that kids today probably wouldn't understand. When the Rangers weren't morphed and fighting evil, they were busy working at the Angel Grove Youth Center, teaching children karate or gymnastics or even how to eat healthy. It was all about being able to accomplish anything you put your mind to in those days and treating others the way you want to be treated.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers didn't just stick to the same old routine of battling monsters all the time, in fact Jason David Frank did several Power Ranger Karate Club videos as the Green Ranger and as the White Ranger. All of the Rangers did a live tour when promoting the movie, similar to what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had done back in the day, which you just don't get anymore. They not only taught each and everyone of us while on tv, but lived it in their real lives. It seemed they took a page straight out of Bill Cosby's handbook by teaching kids the importance of exercise and learning.

In my last article, I didn't really give very much time to the comedic duo of the show, Bulk and Skull. I'd like to correct that now. During the early days of MMPR, Bulk and Skull were bullies who continuously had to make fun of and try to pick on the rangers as well as others in the series. To me I felt this was important because it showed children that everyone get's picked on from time to time even Super Heroes. Gradually, Saban changed Bulk and Skull from dim witted bullies to loveable funny friends of the rangers. It was this that showed children, that no matter how bad you are or how mean, there's always time for you to change your ways and be a better person. Over the years, we see bulk and Skull go from being High School bullies who try and discover the true identity of the Power Rangers to recruits in the Angel Grove Police Department, to Private Detectives and then working in the Youth Center with Sergeant Stone. We've seen them transform into monkeys and become scientific researchers on Terra Venture, then somehow come back to Earth and take on management of a tiki juice bar named after Bulk but actually owned by Tommy. Then we get Skull's son, being trained to be a Samurai by Bulk in Power Rangers Samurai. Currently, the future is unknown for this Dynamic Duo of laughter, but I'm sure Saban isn't finished with them yet.

Where Are Bulk and Skull now?

Paul Schrier is still acting "when ever the need should arise" according to his facebook profile. He also enjoys performing with his band and "I currently have my feet in Art" also according to his profile. He and Jason Narvy are best friends in real life.

Jason Narvy is currently a Doctor of theater studies and a Masters and Bachelors degree in other fields. He is currently the assistant professor at Concordia University, Chicago's theatre department. Still acting on television in minor films occasionally.

In Part 3 I will be explaining just how much Power Rangers has changed over it's 20 year life span and do a where are they now for Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tonya, Cat and Justin.

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