Remakes and Sequels... Where's the New Ideas?

Remakes and Sequels... Where's the New Ideas?

Tired of adaptions, remakes, sequels, prequels, based on a true story/book/action figure/board game? Or maybe you just want more original ideas from Hollywood. Leave your comments here. Let's talk about this.

I’m a steady patron of this site. I love comic books, super heroes, and seeing these stories and character come to life on the big screen. I love seeing inspiring true stories being portrayed by masterful film makers. I applaud all the good book adaptations, satisfying sequels, respectful remakes and reboots, and every generally “adapted” movie out there…

But I also hate them.

When I go to see a movie based on something I’m already familiar with, a certain enjoyment gets traded for fandom. Some of my most enjoyable film going experiences was films that I went in to watch knowing no more than the title, things that were original and fresh. The Prestige, Sunshine, and Moon are a few examples of original films that I had no idea about before watching it. No trailers, no reviews, no word of mouth, no knowledge of books… just a title at the box office and an available showing.

As I sat there, watching, I was immersed in awe and magic. The movie rolled along with me completely gripped, wondering what was going to happen next. I wasn’t waiting for the “moment” shown in the trailers. I had no idea which direction the story would take. 100% surprised and 100% satisfied. Nothing ruined, nothing spoiled, all fresh, all new.

Do you all know this feeling? There’s so much marketing and so many films already based on things familiar to us, I wonder how many of you have seen a good movie without knowing a thing about it before it started.

I love comic book films along with all the sequels and such. I’m not saying they should go away. There is a place for them. But it seems that almost EVERYTHING is based on previously familiar material… from a true story, a comic book, a novel, another movie, a tv show, a video game, a freaking board game…. I was hard pressed to name original BLOCKBUSTERS out there. While independent films still show that spark of an original idea, most blockbusters revert to “existing fanbase” to create their ideas. I feel it’s been a while since we had as big of a new experience film like Raiders of the Lost Arc, Star Wars. And when we do see one, they're few and far between.

I worry that the well will run dry. That Hollywood will just make sequels and reboots until every last source of ideas is drained. I worry that original ideas and concepts, stories built from scratch, are a dying breed. I feel the ratio of reboot/sequel/adaptions to fresh, new, and unknowns are extremely unbalanced. This even goes for comics and superheroes as well. We constantly cry for Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man… what about a new hero with a new origin and set of powers never seen before, introduced through film without starting in a panel on a page?

Hollywood needs to give new ideas a chance. If anything the past has shown that original ideas like Avatar, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Inception, and The Matrix can be extremely profitable and just as likely to succeed. Even more than that, adaptations are putting people off and tiring them out, like Green Lantern, Battleshit [sic], John Carter!

In a nutshell: Grow a pair, Studios! And take a risk with original ideas more. Directors, actors, and audiences relish in it… why don’t you?
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