Robert Rodriguez being sued?

Robert Rodriguez being sued?

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez is being sued. Click the article to find out why the director is being sued.

Robert Rodriguez has helped Danny Trejo's career by casting him in multiple films he's directed and produced. I guess some would say the biggest contribution Robert Rodriguez has made to Trejo's career is the Machete franchise. Rodriguez and Trejo's partnership has been tight for nearly two decades, well at least until now.

A independent producer is sueing Robert Rodriguez for 11 million. The independent producer claims that Rodriguez used “threats and intimidation” to try and stifle the upcoming Trejo-starring action film Vengeance.

The Independent producer said:

"Rodriguez feared that the promotion of another film starring Danny Trejo would diminish the Machete Kills brand and would threaten box office numbers and thus set in motion a plan to diminish ITN’s reputation and stifle the success of the film and the App Game."

This incident began in Novemeber.

Machete Kills hits theaters September 13, 2013 and Vengence hits theaters November 11, 2013.

What do you think? Does Robert Rodriguez have anything to fear? Will the action film Vengeance hurt the Machete Kills brand?

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