Rumor Control on The Dark Knight Rises

Rumor Control on The Dark Knight Rises

THERE WILL BE NO JOKER, RIDDLER, HARLEY QUINN, AND FOR GOD'S SAKE NO ROBIN. But I have a pretty good idea, actually I can pretty much guarantee who Juno Temple will be playing if she is cast.

Alright my fellow BatFans, listen and listen well. Nolan has said time and time again that The Joker will not be recast and The Ridder is completely out of the picture. Also, there will be NO Harley Quinn and thank God there will be no Robin, the story is wrapping up with this film and it is too late to bring in a character with such a back story as Dick Grayson or Stephanie Brown.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is playing Alberto Falcone AKA The Holiday Killer, although it is doubted very much that will be his roll in this film. He is not the Riddler, he is not the Joker recast; Nolan said that it would just be in bad taste and an insult to Heath Ledger's memory. And for God's sake people, he is NOT playing Robin. As mentioned before, Nolan is wrapping up the story with this film and it is far too late in the game to bring in someone who would need such deep character development. Joseph Gordon Levitt is playing Alberto Falcone, get it through your heads; not Joker, not Riddler, NOT ROBIN, Falcone. Capiche?

"That's who he's playing, GET OVER IT!"

As for the rumor of 21-year-old British actor Juno Temple, if she is cast, it is pretty obvious who she will be playing. I can tell you who it's not going to be; it starts with an "R" and ends with an "obin". If any of you have read Batman: Year One, you will know that Selina Kyle (Catwoman) was once living on the streets with a young girl by the name of Holly Robinson. The rumor is they are looking for a "street-smart" girl for another female roll. That sounds like a young hooker in training to me. Christian Bale has already been quoted as saying if a Robin character were brought into the franchise he would walk away from it all together. Also, Chris Nolan has been quoted as saying Robin is still in a crib somewhere in the time frame that these films are set in. The most logical character for Juno Temple to play would be Holly Robinson since Selina Kyle is already guaranteed to be brought into the story and Temple is quite a bit younger than Anne Hathaway, but too old to be Robin.

"Does she really look like Robin material?"

Alright all you crazy Batfans and mainstream gossiping Batman fans alike, have you got it now? Is it all cleared up for you? If you would like any more info on the subject and not rumors from someone who has BAD sources head over to Batman-On-Film. The creator of that site has a very good relationship with Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan.

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