SDCC'14: An Evening Piloting A Jaeger And Visiting With Guillermo Del Toro

SDCC'14: An Evening Piloting A Jaeger And Visiting With Guillermo Del Toro

Tonight was preview night at the San Diego Comic-Con and we spent the evening at the Legendary Booth (#3920) learning more about Pacific Rim: Jaegar Pilot and Del Toro's upcoming film Crimson Peak.

San Diego Comi-Con 2014 - Legendary Booth

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Legendary's booth during preview night at this year's International Comic-Con, which kicks off tomorrow.  As you can see from the image above, they have a LOT packed into a little space.

Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot (powered by Oculus)The Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot is an immersive experience powered by Oculus Rift.  Thanks to the virtual reality technology, the user is placed within the cockpit of a 250-story mech and gets to spend a few minutes piloting the jaeger.  Fans of the film won't be dissapointed.  There wer Xbox controllers at the booth, but lips were sealed regarding current and future projects. It's a good bet that there will be a game announcement soon... The end of the presentation promised something big in April of 2015.  A game perhaps?

After the Pacific Rim station we had the opportunity to spend some time with Guillermo Del Toro to discuss his upcoming film Crimson Peak.  Del Toro built a three story house for the film, but was unable to transport the entire home to the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con.  Instead he created a smaller version of the haunted house for users to visit at the Legendary booth (#3920).  He oversaw every aspect of the build all the way down to where the cobwebs would be placed.  He pointed out that the house is full of hidden symbols and messages, including moths, butterflyes and even hidden words and phrases. It's impressive to say the least. According to Del Toro, the items on display within the home contain everything one would need to piece together the events in the film.

When I asked him what inspired the story for the film, Guillermo Del Toro said "I'm a big nerd.  I have a library that is 11,000 square feet. I read, read, read... One of my main interests was gothic romance.  Gothic romance is an obsession I have... I wanted to make a gothic romance that could take you to uncomfortable places.  It's an "R" rated experience and we go to very extreme places."

Guillermo Del Toro - Crimson Peak - SDCC 2014

The Legendary booth also gave us our first look at the title treatment for the upcoming Warcraft film, as well as several of the weapons and props used in the film.  Head over to SDCC'14: Official WARCRAFT Title Treatment Revealed to take a look!
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