Sea-Monkeys Movie Coming to the Big Screen

No longer are brine shrimp confined to the pages of your older comic books. Paramount announces Jim Carrey already attached to play the lead role as the King of Artemia...

Paramount spokesman Lance D. Boyle announced today that the movie will begin filming late summer this year. "We are very pleased to have Jim Carrey leading an all star cast in this hilarious comedy film."

While he wouldn't elaborate on other actors in the film, Boyle commented further on Carrey's involvement saying, "Jim's over-the-top acting style is perfect for this role. It will certainly be the blockbuster comedy movie during the Christmas holiday in 2009."

Carrey is no newcomer to "wacky" roles. He's currently starring in the Dr. Seuss movies Horton Hears a Who, and played The Grinch in 2000. Earlier wackiness included Ace Venture, Count Olaf and Lloyd of Dumb and Dumber.

No solid release date has been set as yet, although as mentioned by Mr. Boyle, the tentative schedule is November 2009.

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