Should Superheroes have kids?

should people really get upset that heroes have kids.

Ok so i know that father's day has passed, but this question has been on my mind for a while. The question is should heroes have kids? I mean we know of heroes that have them like spiderman has mayday parker, Batman has damien, and wolverine has daken. however it seems to me that only a few people really like the kids of superheroes and it has just bothered me. i know the debate of whether heroes should die has come around once or twice but if they would have kids wouldn't that make them even more human and make it to where when they die they have someone to continue the fight. I mean granted alot of the reason that fans don't like the kids of superheroes is because alot of the kids are bastard children of our favorite heroes but still should we hate them for being bastard children? I just saw how everyone hated that in superman returns people practically wanted to kill singer for allowing superman to have a bastard son. i have also heard to many people complain of daken and damien, but are you comaplining only becuase they are bastard children or do you not like the fact that your heroes can have kids?

All these questions come from the fact that i found out i am going to be a dad myself and i was wondering about superhero dads and why people hated their kids so much.

Thanks for listening and remember i am just chasing cars i still have no clue what i would do if i caught one. lol sorry everyone else has some catching thing after an article i thought i would do one too.

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