Solomon Kane is ready, but is everyone else?

Solomon Kane is ready, but is everyone else?

Finding out that the movie based on Robert E. Howard's puritan swordsman, Solomon Kane, is finished, I decided to do some looking. It does seem the movie is completed, but now the business takes over.

After my initial shock at how low key the Solomon Kane movie has been, I wanted to find out just how ready it is. Turns out (to turn a phrase), it's all over but the shoutin'. Director Michael J. Bassett (Deathwatch) is technically done with the film, but now has to face the arduous task of finding a distributor.

Solomon Kane was not filmed under the housing of a billion dollar corporate banner. It is essentially a very large-budgeted indie film. The good news is, according to Bassett, is that everyone who has seen the film so far, has said it is amazing. Some even going as far as likening it to "Lord of the Rings."

Wow. If that is true, that is. Rumor has it, there are even plans to turn Solomon Kane into a trilogy.

So why doesn't a company like Warner Bros. or Paramount just jump on this if it is such a winner? Because Bassett has to convince them it is a winner.

Bassett ponders on his blog, "in this incredibly competitive world where giant franchise movies gobble up so much of the market space, is Solomon Kane even a marketable movie? My answer is a resounding, yes but not without some reservations: it’s a tricky movie to sell to an audience who may not be familiar with the character and might dismiss it as just another silly sword and sorcery fantasy movie. It’s so much more serious, dark and intense than that. Sure it’s got kick-ass sword fighting and nasty demonic monsters but it also has powerful themes dealing with faith and redemption all carried by a taciturn hero who takes the world very seriously. It’s a classically made film with no gimmicks. I think this will make it timeless and I love this approach but will everyone else? Will a distributor embrace that challenge or shy away from it?"

But Bassett comforts us Robert E. Howard fans, as he states this is all just part of the process. While we may see plenty of bumps in the road, we need not be discouraged, but just be ready for the shock, and we will drive pass.

For anyone wanting to be more familiar with the Solomon Kane figure, I suggest you hit your local book store. There are several collected editions of Robert E. Howard's short stories available. The stories themselves rarely follow any sort of time line, so you can just pick up one or two of them and really get caught up in the character.

For anyone who is a Conan (the barbarian) fan, I suggest you certainly find time to learn about Kane, as the success of this flick, may mean a Conan-ish film that can trump what Brett Ratner has planned for everyone's favorite Cimmerian. As it is also rumored Michael Bassett is looking to adapt another one of Howard's staple characters to film, the warrior-king, Bran Mak Morn.

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