'Spider-Man' Musical's Spokesman Calls Negative Reviews 'Uncool'

'Spider-Man' Musical's Spokesman Calls Negative Reviews 'Uncool'

An Interview with a spokesperson for the spider-man Musical says the negative reviews are "uncool".

Yesterday, MTV News rounded up some of the early reviews of "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," the Broadway musical that's currently in preview performances leading up to its March 15 opening. With most of those reviews painting the continually delayed, problem-plagued show in a negative light, a spokesman for the musical saw fit to offer some criticism of his own, calling critics' actions "uncool."

"The PILE-ON by the critics was ridiculous and uncalled for," said the show’s spokesman Rick Miramontez in a statement to EW. "Their actions are unprecedented and UNCOOL!"

Though the show isn't scheduled to open until next month, critics broke tradition by releasing their reviews on February 7, the original premiere date for the show. The musical was delayed for the fifth time earlier this year, pushing its start date yet again in order to "fine-tune aspects of the show, including the new ending," according to a press release.

Last month, MTV Splash Page writer Josh Wigler gave you a list of five things he enjoyed about the show and five things he definitely didn't like about the webslinger's bow on Broadway — and given the current tone of reviews, you can probably guess which list he had an easier time writing.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" continues its run of preview performances through to the March 15 opening.

Thanks to MTV news for the interview!
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