After releasing the official trailer for the series on May 9, Street Fighter: Assassins Fist is finally here. And you don't have to wait to see the whole series since it is being released all at once. Check it out, it is streaming live. p.s. If you are late to the party, the whole playlist is at the bottom. Enjoy!

The long awaited series premiere Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, from Joey Ansah (Akuma), and Christian Howard (Ken) is finally here. Being a long time fan of the Street Fighter video game series, Ansah set out to make a live-action adaptation of the video game classic that would satisfy not only him, but fans of the series as well. To begin his quest, Ansah teamed up with Christian Howard, Owen Trevor, and Jacqueline Quella to bring to life his vision of what a live-action adaptiation of Street Fighter should be and Street Fighter: Legacy was born. 
With Capcom's blessing Street Fighter: Legacy (a trailer type short) was released to the public on May 6 of 2010. With it's release Ansah's short-film received critical and fan praise alike. 
In 2012 at the San Diego Comic Con International, Capcom announced that it had granted the rights to Assassin's Fist Limited to produce a live-action series adaptation of the Street Fighter video game franchise.
Now, with Ansah's and Howards directorial/writing talents they bring you, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, a series that is sure to please it's viewers whether you are a fan of the video games or not. 

Ryu and Ken live the traditional warrior's life in secluded Japan. The boys are, unknowingly, the last practitioners of the ancient fighting style known as 'Asatsuken' (Assassin's Fist). The series follows them as they learn about the mysterious past of their Master, Gouken, and the tragic and dark legacy of the Ansatsuken Style. Can their destiny be changed... or will history repeat itself?


The series will be released in four formats altogether. will first release it as a 12-part web-series at 11-12 minutes per episode. The 12 episodes will then be combined into 6 episodes of 21-22 minutes each for a TV mini-series on a currently undisclosed network. Afterwards, it will be released as an edited 105-minute TV Movie for syndicated television, and finally as teh full 2+ hour uncut feature film as it was originally shot for release on DVD/Blu-Ray. The series will first be released via on May 23, 2014, followed by release on other formats at later dates.


Joey Ansah as Akuma
Christian Howard as Ken Masters 
Mike Moh as Ryu
Akira Koieyama as Gouken 
Shogen Itokatzu as Young Gouken
Togo Igawa as Gotetsu
Gaku Space 
as Young Gouki
Mark Killeen as Mr. Masters (Ken's father)
Hal Yamanouchi as Senzo


Created/Developed & Written By:
Joey Ansah and Christian Howard

Produced By:
Jacqueline Quella

If you enjoyed the series and want to help, or if you simply want to help the team behind this awesome production you can by purchasing the soundtrack at iTunes. The soundtrack contains 25 tracks and is only $12.99. With production by Patrick Gill, Ryan Ansah, and Daniel Braine.

For more information regarding the series and/or future projects from the creators like their facebook page

Joey Ansah 

Christian Howard

Mike Moh


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