Super Cheapo Treasure: Marvel Heroes Candy Sticks

Super Cheapo Treasure: Marvel Heroes Candy Sticks

Not your average candy cigarette...I mean Candy Stick.

Oh Wow! Have I got a treat for you!
During my Cheapo Treasure Quest I discovered some tasty treats!
The Marvel Heroes Candy Sticks, literally jump off the shelf at me I had to have them!

I mean, really! 22 packs featuring some of my favorite Marvel heroes!

To be honest, I didn't care for the taste of these, but for a whopping $1.00 how can you resist ?

Chances are, you've seen these little guys around.
According to the package they're distributed to the U.K ,Canada, Australia, and North and South America.

So let's tear into the bag and see what we have!
I was sad to find out that there were only 4 heroes in the whole collection:
The Hulk



Iron Man

I guess Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four are somewhere on a special edition bag, I don't know.

But after I got these guys, I noticed something was a little off.
Was I missing some of these Candy Sticks?
After counting them, I got super excited. THEY GAVE ME AN EXTRA BOX!
That's 23 Candy Sticks!

What I really liked on the this candy was its design.
There's some really cool detail to the boxes.
Each box was a different color and On the top of the boxes you get the Marvel Heroes Logo,
While on the side you have the ingredients- which after reading it had me wondering, could Tapioca be the secret ingredient?

On the other side of the box there's a really cool collage with all four of the heroes.
But there is some secret downsides to these candys.

The worst part about these things is
they never listed a correct date on the between the packages and the boxes .
On the package it says 2009...

but on The box it says 2010.

So you really don't know how old these things are!

So what do these little guys taste like?
To be honest these are the type of candies I would give out on to kids on Halloween that unless I truly hated them.
They taste exactly like chalk would taste if it was covered up in sugar and corn syrup
These candies were so awful, I wouldn't even send you them for free!

These generic candy cigarettes should be destroyed, because in a way they're almost addictive. It's a taste you would continue to eat only because you think it's going to taste better the next time around!
So what am I going to do with this big pile of candy that there's no way I'm eating them?
What else is there to do with them?
I guess I could pretend they're Lincoln Logs and build a tower with them?

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