Super Hero Signature Moves

Super Hero Signature Moves

Iconic moves by Superheroes I wish to see in Future Comic Book Movies.

I love Comic Book Movies. Yet, even though I’m drawn in by all of the intriguing Characters and Amazing stories that come with them, I find my anticipation for seeing the Action sequences and Fight scenes Far outweighs my interests for seeing the Character developments and story arcs, even though those things are still Very much on my mind when I’m waiting for the next Comic Book Movie to be released. So I’ve compiled a list of Iconic moves from past movies I would like to see again and some moves I’ve seen in Cartoons and Comics I’d like to see in the next few years of awesome CBMs to come.

First off Iron Man’s Uni-Beam. Seen Once as a single blast to take down The Iron Monger in the first Iron Man movie, This “move” from what I’ve seen on the cartoons and in the comics is his Strongest weapon (other then his brain of course), and I for one want to see it used to take out something, anything VERY big and bad in Iron Man 3. I think The Avengers was Incredible and loved all the Action, but I can’t help but keep thinking, if after The Hulk Punched the Leviathan and all its armor is shattered off, how much cooler it would have been for Iron man to follow up with a Uni-Beam to blast it in half instead of a Wrist Rocket Missile. Still one of the Greatest scenes ever!

That leads me now to my #1 Favorite character, The Incredible Hulk and his Thunder Clap. The Thunder Clap was first seen in live action in The Incredible Hulk as a means to put out a firey explosion and save Betty’s life. And whether cradling Betty from a crashing helicopter or Catching an unconscious falling Iron Man, I love seeing the heroic side of Hulk coming through in live action. Yet again I watch The Avengers, and there’s a scene towards the end of the final battle, with Hulk getting Blasted by dozens of Chitauri War Chariots at once, I found myself screaming internally in the theatre “THUNDER CLAP THEIR ASS’S!!!” Well here’s hoping to see it utilized once again, and hopefully used as an offensive tactic the next time the Jade Giant returns to the screen. And on the subject, I want to see Hulk fight with more weapons. And by weapons, I mean locations. Have him fight in places where there’s a lot of heavy metal debris to throw, like one of those Cargo Tanker Loading Docks, or a huge Car/Truck/Bus Junkyard.

Next up, The Mighty Thor and his Hammer Mjolnir’s ability to control the Weather. Well to put it simply I want to see more Tornados like in Thor and Lightning like in The Avengers. It would be awesome to see Thor unleash an Immense Storm of Lightning, Hail, and Tornados upon an Alien Army on some other Realm, where mass human casualties will not need to be taken into account (i.e. The Avengers). Will that happen in Thor: The Dark World? I for one certainly hope so.

Speaking of unleashing a Furious Storm, I was very pleased to hear recently that the Berserker Rage Will definitely be featured in The Wolverine. Not to unexpected however a confirmation now only increases my expectations.

Next is just something that so far has disappointed me when it comes to Iconic Character Action, and that’s Captain America’s Fighting Style. Reading only a few Cap Comics, and mostly watching cartoon TV shows, and animated movies, I’ve come to expect more... well frankly... Jumping in his fights. He can jump Higher, Farther, and Faster then any (unassisted) human on earth. A nice visual, and useful advantage in a hand to hand fight. Now I’m not saying I want to see his Gymnastic fighting style, from the TV cartoon shows, animated movies, and comics, but I can definitely see Jump kicks or maybe landing down on some Villains or Henchmen from a high jump would be both fun to watch and affective in a Comic Book Movie fight scene. In my opinion, we only got that for a split second so far, in The Avengers “Assemble one shot sequence”, and I want to personaly see a lot more of that fighting style in CA: The Winter Soldier.

Ok Two things I want people to know about me… 1, I am a Comic Book Movie fan first and foremost (it's why I've been visiting this site everyday for the past 6 or 7 years instead of just comics or just movie sites). And 2, I don’t consider myself a Marvel, Nor a DC, I love both equally but for different reasons. Having said that, I now move on to my #2 Favorite Comic Book Movie Character, the one and Only, Batman. I feel The Dark Knight was the best of the Trilogy in many ways including the fight sequences. Batman Begins kicked it off with fight scenes that showed Batman as an unstoppable force of nature in the eyes of the people he fought. Using his grappling gun as a way of taking out bad guys and tricking them into believing he could fly and vanish at will was deceptive and just awesome. But being a big fan of fight choreography, I wished the camera would back up and slow down a little so I can see exactly what he’s doing to the unlucky Henchmen. And that’s pretty much Exactly what we got with TDK, a Perfect balance of showing the creative choreography yet still being fast and shady in the frame. As for TDKR, I felt the fights were too slow and it seemed to me that he lost, from the first two films, his sense of strategy and the use of deception and fear to take down opponents in fights. I just hope the next Directors of Batman (his next incarnations in the upcoming Justice League movie and future spin offs and reboots) will Remember the balance of amazing martial arts choreography, with the strategic and deceptive mind set, and a little bit of that mystery that keeps his opponents Terrified right up till he renders them unconscious.

And Finally now, we close up with the Grand-daddy of them all, Superman, The Man Of Steel. So far, everything that I’ve been hearing regarding the next appearance of Superman on the big screen has made me more and more excited to see this film, and of course the Action scenes and Fight sequences most of all. In Superman Returns, the Man Of Steel uses pretty much all of his Super Powers; Invulnerability, Laser Vision, Super Breath, Super Strength, Speed, and Flight. He just doesn’t use them as weapons to fight bad guys at all. In fact you never see him fight or even attempt to fight anyone in that movie. So here’s to Hoping, Wishing, and Predicting that this next Man Of Steel will make up for everything fans thought was missing or done wrong with the last one.

Thank you to all those who read this; my first article. My main motivation for writing this up was to learn some of YOUR favorite Iconic Superhero Signature Moves you want to see, see again, or see improved on. Since I’m not to well versed in Comic Books themselves (Movies and TV Shows Mostly), I can’t wait to hear things you’ve been waiting to see in these live action movies. Does Ant-Man have a special cool trick he does in the comics with his size shifting abilities, what about a Web Parachute like I remember seeing in the Spider-Man Animated Series, or something you'r hoping to see in Guardians of the Galaxy, or the Fantastic 4 reboot, or even just hopeful future appearances by the likes of Namor, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Aquaman, etc, etc…? Any and all of them (especially Doctor Strange since we just got the awesome news he's finally getting his sceen time to shine). Sound off Below.
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