Super Villains... In Drag?!!

Super Villains... In Drag?!!

With the fourth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race premiering this Monday, let's take a fun look of moments when comic super-villains in film decided to... get in touch with their feminine side!

As an aspiring drag queen who LOVES comics, movies, vidya gaems, cartoons, and all things geeky, it's no wonder that I'm not only deathly excited to watch the premiere of the new season of Ru Paul's Drag Race on LOGO Network, but I want to share it all with you! How, you may ask? Well, it's quite funny, actually.

You see, while browsing through IMDB and Wikipedia, I came upon the realization that, not only did alot of my favorite actors play many comic book villains, but also alot of characters that, well, dress in drag. Be it playing casual crossdressers, delightful drag divas, or timid transgendered women, it would appear that if you gotta wear one costume, you gotta wear 'em all! Sometimes the villains get into the act, themselves!

Oh yes, my darlings! You know what time it is! It's time to do some EEEEEVIL! It's time to get BAAAAAD! And more importantly, we're gonna look SICK'NING while doing it, too! WERK!

Willem Dafoe
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (Spider Man) ~ Agent Paul Smecker (The Boondock Saints)

Terrence Stamp
General Zod (Superman II) ~ Bernadette (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)

John Leguizamo
Violator (Spawn) ~ Chi-Chi (To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar)

Gene Hackman
Lex Luthor (Superman I-IV) ~ Senator Kevin Keeley (The Birdcage)

Sam Rockwell
Justin Hammer (Iron Man II) ~ Flute (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Michael Rosenbaum
Lex Luthor (Smallville) ~ Adam/Adina (Sorority Boys)

Rupert Everett
Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget) ~ Headmistress Camilla Fritton (St. Trinian's)

Cilian Murphy
Dr. Jonathon Crane/Scarecrow (Batman Begins) ~ Patrick "Kitten" Braden (Breakfast on Pluto)

Hugo Weaving
Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull (Captain America: The First Avenger) ~ Anthony "Tick" Belrose/Mitzi Del Bra (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin) ~ Dr. Alex Hesse (Junior)

Stephen Dorff
Deacon Frost (Blade) ~ Candy Darling (I Shot Andy Warhol)

John Travolta
Howard Saint (The Punisher) ~ Edna Turnblad (Hairspray)

Mickey Rourke
Ivan Vanko/Whiplash (Iron Man II) ~ Jan the Actress (Animal Factory)

Jeff Bridges
Obidiah Stane (Iron Man) ~ Lightfoot (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot)

Ted Levine
Sinestro (voice, DC Animated Universe) ~ Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs)

Ian McKellen
Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (X-Men I-III) ~ Maggie Smith (Saturday Night Live)

And there you have it boys, girls, and everything in between! Who knew that these dastardly dudes of dishonor would don such dragtastic duds?!?! Well, I did since I made the article. But anywho's thank you for taking a look! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to post the trailers for Ru Paul's Drag Race season4, AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU PITIFUL FOOLS CAN DO TO STOP ME! MUAHAHAHAHAHA- *ahem*... I mean... Check it out this Monday! And make life the BIGGEST drag ever! Halleloo!

UPDATE: I will be attending the Ru Paul's Drag Race party at the new XL Club in NYC, hosted by former contestants (and NYC's hottest lesbian couple) Manila Luzon and Sahara Davenport. I'll be dressin' up as Gwen Stacy, servin' up some comic book realness! So stay tuned for photos!
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