In this edition of Superhero Feats, I thought I'd pay tribute to arguably the most iconic superhero of all time....the Last Son of Kypton himself....the Man of Steel....Superman.

Superhuman Strength

1. Contains a miniature black hole within his fist.

2. Shows that his strength overcomes Green Lantern's (Jon Stewart) willpower.

3. Pulls the planet Earth with the help of Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman.

4. Pulls the moon along with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

5. Throws a huge load of nuclear weaponry into the sun.

6. Splits a dead moon of the planet Saturn in half.

7. Carries a huge piece of earth to stop the flow of a volcano.

8. Carries a ship with ease.

9. Punches Lobo into orbit.

10. Moves WarWorld while power amped.

11. Stops a speeding train.

12. Knocks two giant robot into the coast using a wrecking ball.

13. Helps Wonder Woman slow down the descent of the Spectre, who's essentially made of eternity.

14. Indirectly causes planetary damage in his battle against General Zod.

15. Slips a Doomsday Clone's face with a punch.

16. Lifts a huge chuck of Earth.

17. Brings an entire lab to outer space.


1. Catches a magic beam.

2. Is able to keep up with Jay Garrick.

3. Accelerates to escape a double black hole.

4. Showing nanosecond speed.

5. Can read at super speeds.

6. Speed-blitz's a robot.

7. Can vibrate his body fast enough to appear invisible.

8. More speed-blitzing.

9. Travels faster than light speed in space.

10. Travels from the moon to the Earth in mere moments.

11. Reaches an unspecified solar system from Earth in a short period of time.

12. Sees lightning moving in "slow motion" while using super speed.

13. Blitzs an Imperiex Probe.

14. Blitzs Doomsday Rex.

15. Blitzs Mongul.

16. Dodges Batman's punch and claims that if he doesnt move next time, his hand will be broken.

17. Young Clark Kent saves classmates without being seen.

18. BFR Parasite before anyone can react.

Heat Vision

1. Shows incredible accuracy by ricocheting his heat vision from a space satellite to engrave a message in someone's apartment.

2. Almost kills Blackrock.

3. Calculates Shrapnel's heating point.

4. Destroys an asteroid.

5. Successfully power Jor-El's planet-moving ion engines with heat vision.

6. Shows HV when "unleashed".

7. Heats up the planet Earth from 200,000 miles away in outer space.

8. Wipes out an entire army of weaker Doomsday clones.

Super Sense

1. Listening to what's happening on Earth.

2. Hears him being challenged from outer space.

3. Uses Micro-vision to see that what is supposed to be wine is actually human blood.

4. Can see Superboy's soul.

5. Can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

6. Here's Green Arrow from all the way across the world.

7. Uses Micro-vision to detect ion particles.

8. Can see a molecule's atomic structure.

9. Listens to Earth's broadcasts while approaching Earth.

Durability / Freeze Breath / Other Powers

1. Survives the collision of 2 planets.

2. Withstand the explosion of a star.

3. Withstands another planetary explosion.

4. Alan Scott refers to Superman as the strongest on the planet.

5. In an argument with trust issues, Batman calls Superman the powerful man on Earth.

6. Even Wonder Woman says Superman is the strongest.

7. Freezes Shrapnel and Plasmus together.

8. Holds and freezes the top portion of building back together.

9. Incapacitates Bizarro.

10. Resists magical transmutation.
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