Superheroes Take A Moment For Themselves In 'The Quest For The Absolute' Photo Series

Superheroes Take A Moment For Themselves In 'The Quest For The Absolute' Photo Series

Four years ago, while walking along the French countryside, photographer Benoit Lapray conceived the idea for a photo series focusing on the loneliness of famous superheroes. Come check out his beautiful work featuring several of your favorite Marvel & DC heroes now!

Talking with Mashable & The Huffington Post, French photographer Benoit Lapray shared a few details on how he originally came up with the idea and how he composed a few of his shots. The idea first came to him four years ago while he was living in the French Alps. He started to imagine how it must feel to be a superhero and how lonely it might be: "I think it's pretty easy to imagine superheroes as lonely. Because, they are different, and they have a big charge on their shoulders, so I guess they need to be alone sometime to recover a kind of serenity and to remember why they fight."

He used the beautiful desolation of the French Alps as a setting because he was a fan of placing the fictional heroes in nature rather than their usual city setting. To compose his shots, he used a variety of different techniques to get the heroes in the right position. Some of the shots feature promotional images photoshopped from a variety of Marvel/DC films while others feature real life models in costume shot on-site.

Take a look at his photo series, The Quest for the Absolute, below:


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