SUPERHEROSTUFF: Boxers? Briefs? Or Neither?

SUPERHEROSTUFF: Boxers? Briefs? Or Neither?

Superheroes like showing them off so no matter what your preference is you can be like them and wear your underwear with pride. Just don’t be like Captain Underwear and wear only them or even worse don’t wear them on your face, please!

Whether it is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or another popular Superhero, many have been drawn with outfits that look like they are wearing underwear over the rest of their clothing. But why do Superheroes wear their underwear on the outside of their outfits? Is it that many of them have lost their parents at an early age, and therefore they wear their underwear that to remember their childhood? No. The main reason many heroes wear drawn this way was because they were being modeled after the wrestlers and Lucha Libres and other athletic performers of the day who wore tight small underwear like looking shorts. This was to help instill and visualize the strength and athleticism of the superhero through their outfits.

You can also follow in their lead and wear your underwear with pride, on the inside or outside of the rest of your clothing. (*Warning we do not recommend you trying to fight crime in your underwear). To get underwear even your mom would be proud of check out the huge selection Superherostuff has at Superherostuff-underwear.

There are many options some for under your pants but some even cooler one with detachable capes that would look might fine being shown off as an outer layer while on a first date or at a company party. 

Actually  don’t do that maybe you should keep some of the riddle about yourself a secret.

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