TDKR Aurora Tragedy Could Have Happened Again

TDKR Aurora Tragedy Could Have Happened Again

A week after the Colorado movie theater massacre, a Maryland man was taken into custody when police said he made a "joker" reference and threatened to shoot up a business he was being fired from. Hit the jump for details...

Police have foiled what they believed could have been another Aurora-scale massacre after a man who called himself 'a joker' and had an arsenal of semi-automatic rifles threatened to shoot up the business from which he was being fired.

Neil Prescott, of Crofton, Maryland, was wearing a T-shirt that read 'Guns don't kill people. I do,' when first confronted by officers on Thursday, police revealed today.

The man, identified in a search warrant, told a supervisor at software and mailroom supplier Pitney Bowes that, 'I'm a joker and I'm gonna load my guns and blow everybody up,' and that he wanted to see the supervisor's 'brain splatter on the floor.'

The threats were made multiple times in separate phone calls this week, and investigators who searched the 28-year-old's apartment this morning found several thousand rounds of ammunition and about two dozen semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

The arsenal of weapons included one assault rifle, two shotguns, nine handguns and three rifles, according to the search warrant.

Prescott is receiving a psychiatric evaluation at a hospital and charges are still pending.

Though there is no other indication of a link to the Colorado shooting, police believe the joker comments made by Prescott were a 'clear reference' to the killings, according to the warrant.

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