The Avengers Vs The Dark Knight Rises: Is there a battle?

The Avengers Vs The Dark Knight Rises: Is there a battle?

I try to give my personal Thoughts as to which summer goliath will reign champion...


As many of you know there is currntly a very heated debate as to which ComicBookMovie will dominate the box office: The Avengers or The Dark Kight Rises. There are really many different factors as to which might bring up a bigger fan appeal. Such factors include: The Avengers being the first movie of it's kind and The Batman films having such a strong following left over from The Dark Knight four years ago. Other things to consider is that there might not even be a debate to have. So what if one is better than the other, you are still getting the movies that you want and that's all that should really matter
First Joss Whedon is a very different director than Christopher Nolan and the other way around. You can't judge movies that have not even come out yet based on the different creative minds that com to these projects. Joss Whedon takes a more actiony approach to his films while a Tarantino-esque style of dialogue. Christopher Nolan focuses more on the intellectuality of his films while still making an enjoyable action film. Is it even fair to judge the both of these films in the same standards?

The avengers is a very "head-on" CBM, while The Dark Knight rises takes a very different approach with taking the differnt layers of the Batman. Another thing to consider is the fanbase. The Avengers' fanbase comes straight from the other MCU movies and the rest is mostly hype, while the same can be said for The Dark Knight Rises that film has the fanbase from Nolan and from his previous Batman films.

I will not say I am looking more forward to one than the other because im really excited for both, but I do wish that people who make such abig deal out of nothing, like this debate, will get their heads out unmentionable places and just enjoy whichever movie they ae wanting to see. Let the studios worry about Box-Office, and you worry about which one you want to see.
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