The Best Of 2017: Check Out JPH152's Top 10 Favorite Movies Of The Year

The Best Of 2017: Check Out JPH152's Top 10 Favorite Movies Of The Year

The Best Of 2017: Check Out JPH152's Top 10 Favorite Movies Of The Year

2017 has been an up-and-down year, but it brought us some pretty awesome, and somewhat divisive, movies. Which films ended up making the cut in my not-so-definitive Top 10 list? Hit the jump to find out...

As we say goodbye to 2017, it’s time to revisit the best of the year. Narrowing down all the great movies this year to just 10 wasn’t easy, and ordering them was even harder. This list is all about the films that reminded me why going to the movies can be awesome, and while there are some Oscar contenders on my list, these probably aren’t the best pictures of the year in the eyes film purists. So without any further excuses, here are my 10 favorite movies of 2017.


10. Baby Driver


Saying that a movie is like a feature-length music video is usually a negative, but Edgar Wright totally pulls it off in one of this summer's most entertaining films. This stylish action movie features some great chase scenes, a killer soundtrack, and strong performances all around. It makes sense that Wright’s idea for Ant-Man was to focus on the heist aspect of the film, since Baby Driver is also a creative take on the heist genre.


9. Dunkirk


I would have never expected a Christopher Nolan World War II epic to be less than two hours long, but Dunkirk was so intense that the surprisingly short runtime didn’t matter. The movie is more of a nightmarish rollercoaster than a conventional film, with very little dialogue and character development, but realistic action sequences that make up for it. The Dark Knight trilogy made it clear that nobody does spectacle like Nolan, and Dunkirk once again shows why he's one of the best.


8. Thor: Ragnarok


Taika Waititi’s first major studio movie was a refreshing take on the God of Thunder that felt more like a buddy movie than an apocalyptic nightmare, despite what the film’s title suggests. However, the stakes of Thor: Ragnarok are as big as any other MCU movie, and the film isn’t afraid to change the landscape of the franchise. The dynamic between Thor and the Hulk is fantastic, and Valkyrie is a great addition to the group. Also, Waititi’s portrayal of Korg, the loveable Kronan, steals the show in a way I definitely didn’t expect. At their best, Marvel movies feel like Saturday morning cartoons brought to life, and that's exactly what this movie reminded me of.



7.Get Out


As a Key & Peele fan, I was intrigued by Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be this good. Get Out blends relevant social themes with the elements of a classic thriller, and the result is terrifying and genuinely gripping. The movie has several twists and turns that lead to an insane climax that will leave you stunned. Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams are great as the leads, bringing the audience on a wild ride that is not only incredibly entertaining but causes us to have some important, and very uncomfortable, conversations. This movie definitely has me excited about Peele’s involvement in the HBO adaptation of Lovecraft Country.



6. Spider-Man: Homecoming


Despite Tom Holland’s incredible performance in Captain America: Civil War, I wasn’t as excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming as I was for 2017’s other two MCU films. However, while Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 were both great, Homecoming captured the spirit of its main character in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. Michael Keaton is terrific as the Vulture, a genuinely great MCU villain that has strong character motivations. Most importantly, Homecoming is a coming of age story supported by a strong cast of believable teenagers—something this franchise has finally got right.


5. Wonder Woman


Patty Jenkins’ love letter to old-school superheroism was exactly what the DCEU needed. While I was skeptical of Gal Gadot’s casting, she has completely won me over this year. The supporting cast, particularly Chris Pine, is great too. The film cleverly pays tribute to the character's different comic book backstories and establishes Wonder Woman as the hero the world needs. It’s great to see Diana Prince finally get her time to shine on the big screen, and she did not disappoint.


4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi


People either loved or hated the latest entry in the Star Wars saga, and while it’s far from perfect, I find myself firmly on the “love it” side. While The Last Jedi didn’t answer every question we had going into the movie, the answers we got made it clear that this story isn’t just about the Skywalker family anymore. Bolstered by an amazing performance by Mark Hamill, the movie successfully blended nostalgia with some bold new story elements that left me excited for the future of this 40-year-old franchise.



3. It


The smash-hit Stephen King adaptation was the biggest surprise of the year for me. Modern horror movies are not normally my thing, but Andy Muschietti It hit all the right notes. The movie is more than just a conventional horror story, as it delivers big moments in basically every emotional category. It was scary, hilarious, heartbreaking and exhilarating—basically everything I could ask for in a movie. Bill Skarsgård absolutely kills it as Pennywise, and the young actors who bring the Loser’s Club to life are able to carry the movie when the clown isn’t on screen. Bring on Chapter 2!


2. Logan

This was an incredible year for comic book movies, and Logan was not only the best but also the most unique. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart turn in fantastic performances that were 17 years in the making, showing the X-Men in a completely different light. The action sequences are incredible, as we finally got the no-holds-barred, R-rated Wolverine fight scenes that fans have been demanding—but the violence in this movie isn’t portrayed in the satisfying, fun way some might have expected. This movie is brutal, and the brutality is essential to the story. Logan is one of the boldest, most emotional blockbusters I’ve seen, and it’s a movie that has stuck with me since I first saw it.



1. Blade Runner 2049



It's rare that I see a movie once and realize that it is bound to become a classic, but that's exactly what happened when I left Blade Runner 2049. The film was able to capture the spirit and aesthetic of the 1982 classic while expanding the universe in some intriguing ways. While Harrison Ford is great as Deckard, Ryan Gosling carries this movie with a very solid, mostly stoic performance. Villeneuve takes his time telling this story, but the mystery that unfolds is so captivating that the film’s lengthy runtime wasn’t a problem. The compelling story is enhanced by the jaw-dropping cinematography of Roger Deakins, making this the best-looking movie of the year as well. Denis Villeneuve has established himself as an elite director, and I can't wait to see what he does with Dune.

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