The Online Alternate Universe

The Online Alternate Universe

Not your standard editorial, but today I, DEVLIN712, ask you to put your preferences aside and join one of the most ambitious projects this site has ever seen. Writers and artists, we need to Assemble.

We love comics. Marvel, DC, Independent; we all fall under that umbrella somewhere. We fight and argue over who is the best but at the core of it we are no more than fans. So what better reason to work together? Well here's how we can, this is the Online Alternate Universe!

What is the OAU?

The OAU is an idea, one that would help us put aside the constant Marvel v DC flame war.
Before I answer let me say this, we have users with amazing art skills and users who could go toe to toe with Goyer. But most of all, we have ideas. Everyone has their own opinion, "Zod didn't need to die!" and "Shane Black took a dump on my childhood", are tossed around a lot. What if we had an opportunity to put right what the studios have done wrong?
But back to the main question, the OAU is exactly what the title says, an Online Alternate Universe for our favourite characters, split up into the MarvelOAU and the DCOAU. A fan made continuity contributed to by anyone.
Whether you want to write an epic 8 issue arc that pits the Brotherhood of Mutants against Galactus or just a 10 line dialogue between Superman and Zod, it's all in fhere , all contributing to the over all story.

Same characters, new origins, new lives.

How does it benefit the site?

We are a big HUGE website. Our reach rextends throughout every corner of the web. From Reddit to 4chan or Deviant to Tumblr, we are everywhere.
If the idea catches on and word gets out people will come to the site to read, generating more traffic and more monthly users of the site.

So, it's up to you. We need everything from DC experts to Marvel experts, artists and creative minds. Take what you will from this, maybe I'm mad. What do you think? Would the OAU work? Sign off below.
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