The Dark Knight Rises has been tied to Murders, Robberies, and this IDIOT!

The Dark Knight Rises has been tied to Murders, Robberies, and this IDIOT!

About 140 moviegoers bolted out of a Miami Beach theater in a panic during a midnight showing of"The Dark Knight Rises" after a man wearing black gloves shouted out "this is it" from inside the crowded theater.

After the shooting in Colorado and the robberies in Mexico one would think people would be sensitive to the fact that there may be people who are at the theater to see The Dark Knight Rises who might be a bit nervous.

Well one stupid individual took advantage of that when in a crowed theater in Miami Florida, a man smelling of booze & wearing gloves decided it was a good idea to shout out "this is it" inciting a panic in the crowed theater during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. A total of 140 movie goers bolted from the theater in a panic and police were called.

When officers arrived, they found several moviegoers detaining David Martin Escamillo, 44, of Miami Beach. Escamillo was repeatedly yelling "I didn't shoot anybody," according to an arrest report.

After getting management to turn on the lights, police found only scattered shoes and sandals throughout the theater and no evidence of any gunshots.

Nobody was reported hurt during the mad rush.

Just another incident inexplicably related to The Dark Knight Rises Movie.

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